The Journey Starts

This is the first post of my blog. 

The reason I have started writing one is that I am now almost halfway into writing my book. In the unlikely event of me finishing it or even more unlikely publishing it I thought I should have a blog to help publicise it. So this is me practising writing one. If I don’t finish the book then I will never need this blog! It can stand as testament to my failure to finish.

The Book

It’s current working title is ‘The True Wizard.’ It’s based it a fictional world which I haven’t named yet. It’s about a street boy Tybalt who discovers he is a wizard – I know not very original. He expects his life to change and dreams of glory and riches, unfortunately what happens is he becomes a piece in a game of politics. He has suddenly become very useful to some of the most powerful people in the world. Poor old Tybalt is oblivious to how he is being used and manipulated as he travels to the Magical Academy. Will he ever get there? Will he become a wizard? Is he ever going to find out what is happening around him? Well you will have to read the book to find out, that’s if I ever finish it.

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