a snippit from chapter 6

As promised a short snippet from the book. This is from chapter 6, Tybalt the main protagonist is on a small sailing boat with Zeya. I’m planning on changing the name Zeya in the book otherwise the real Zeya may never forgive me. It ends with my favourite line from the book so far. It’s only a first draft so everything might change.

The sudden change in Zeya was a little worrying but an improvement. Tybalt though he would take this chance to ask a few questions before he became his old self again. ‘Tell me about the academy; is it really as bad as you make out?’

‘That depends, most teachers there can do what they like, some take the job because they enjoy teaching but most use it as a stepping stone.’

‘A stepping stone to what?’ Tybalt didn’t understand how being a teacher can be helpful to anyone.

2 thoughts on “a snippit from chapter 6

  1. I guess plenty of teachers might agree with Tybalt these days. Pity. Teachers should be allowed to feel pride in their work. Maybe one day….

    I’m intrigued to learn more about Tybalt and the academy………

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