Why now?

I’ve just realised what my book is missing, but why do I have to have the idea now, after I’ve gone to bed when I’ve got work in the morning! Hopefully it will not take to long to write all the new ideas down.

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More of chapter 9

I had another look at chapter nine and changed some of it, hopefully for the better. Here is part off the new section, again sorry I cant explain what is going on. Also please remember this is still the first draft so is somewhat rough and full of mistakes. Please feel free to comment. The […]

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A small bit of chapter nine

I managed to finish chapter 9, I’m currently very pleased with it, when I read it again later I might hate it. It’s an important chapter it gives a lot of plot clues a leads into chapter 10 which should be a turning point in the story. Bellow is  small snippet of it, I can’t […]

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I read a very interesting blog post the other day about avoiding distractions. I was going to re-blog it but I can’t find it. I’m going to try it, closing down face book, my friend Kevin will not stop making interesting point that I just have to reply too! I’m putting my phone on silent. […]

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What’s in name?

I can not come up with a name for my world. I have no trouble thinking up plots, religions, magic systems, or characters but I can’t do names. I even tried a random name generator but no luck, at this rate my new word might be called Eric’s land or something equally lame.

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Quality not quanity

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs by other authors and been stressing about my low word count. The last couple of nights aided by a cosmo and glass or two of red I’ve managed to only write 500 – 600 words. Having looked back at what I wrote its some the best bits I’ve […]

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