Chapter 8 Finished

It’s taken me nearly two weeks but I’ve finished chapter 8. I’m quite pleased with it plenty of magic a little bit of action and a trip to the brothel! Bellow is a small snippet Tybalt is using the name Herbert, If you want to know why you will have to read the book!

He pulled the door bell and waited; nothing happened so he pulled it again and waited, again nothing. For about ten minutes he pulled on the bell until a very angry looking John in his nightshirt answered the door.

‘For your sake there had better be a fire and if there is why didn’t you put it out without waking me after all your supposed to be good at elemental magic!’

Tybalt didn’t quite know how to answer this very strange tirade. ‘My names Herbert I’m from the Magic Academy, it’s my day to work her, and I thought I would start nice and early.’ Tybalt hoped by sounding keen it would calm John down a bit, it didn’t work.

‘I know who you are, I’m not senile yet. As for early, you are so early is still practically Thursday!’  He softened a bit when he saw Tybalt’s crestfallen face. ‘Oh go and sweep a floor or something I’m going back to bed!’


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