More of chapter 9

I had another look at chapter nine and changed some of it, hopefully for the better. Here is part off the new section, again sorry I cant explain what is going on. Also please remember this is still the first draft so is somewhat rough and full of mistakes. Please feel free to comment.

The next day they set of for Glasshaven in a hired coach, Ralph was in no particular hurry to get there so it not until three days later they pulled up outside of the Magic Academy. A wizard Avery hadn’t met before was waiting to great them.

‘We are honoured by your presents my lord, Lord Lewis apologises he was not here to meet you in person but he is dealing with an urgent matter. As they entered the academy it became clear what the urgent matter might be. Students where congregating in the long gallery outside of Lewis office listening to the ensuing argument.

‘That is the third death this year! What in the name off the Three is going on?’ A very loud and angry voice carried down the corridor.

‘I don’t know what you mean they were all unfortunate accidents; you know I take the safety of my students seriously!’

‘Bullshit! I’m not a fool those death where far to convenient, I’m going to find out what is going on here and if any more students have accidents some of the staff might meet unfortunate ends!’

‘How dare you threaten me?’

At this point they entered Lewis office; he was standing behind his desk shouting angrily at another man. When he saw Ralph and Avery enter he forced himself to smile.

‘Ah excellent you have arrived safely, Sir Aaron was just leaving.’

Aaron glared back at Lewis. ‘You have not heard the end of this.’ He limped out of the office slamming the door behind him.

‘Are you having staffing problems?’ asked Ralph trying and failing not to look too pleased at Lewis’ discomfort.

‘Not for long.’ Replied Lewis darkly. He then gained control of his face and greeted Ralph with a smile that didn’t make it as far as his eyes.


2 thoughts on “More of chapter 9

    1. Thanks. Like I said in my post it’s the first draft so a bit rough. I also can’t tell the difference between where and were so I expect I’ve used them in the wrong context. More work for my editor to do 😉


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