What’s in name?

I can not come up with a name for my world. I have no trouble thinking up plots, religions, magic systems, or characters but I can’t do names. I even tried a random name generator but no luck, at this rate my new word might be called Eric’s land or something equally lame. Advertisements

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Quality not quanity

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs by other authors and been stressing about my low word count. The last couple of nights aided by a cosmo and glass or two of red I’ve managed to only write 500 – 600 words. Having looked back at what I wrote its some the best bits I’ve […]

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Chapter 8 Finished

It’s taken me nearly two weeks but I’ve finished chapter 8. I’m quite pleased with it plenty of magic a little bit of action and a trip to the brothel! Bellow is a small snippet Tybalt is using the name Herbert, If you want to know why you will have to read the book! He […]

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