Yeah 100 followers!

I’m very happy I’ve hit my first milestone. It may not seem a lot, but to me it’s massive. Thank you to everyone who has followed and supported my blog especially Shamby who was my 100th follower. To celebrate I have updated my about page and replaced my awful picture with a more up to […]

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It all started in a Café

Just got back from London and visited The Making Of Harry Potter. It was as good as I hoped  and the kids loved it (well one of them did). The highlight for me was seeing Dumbledore’s office, although the lesson in wand technique will come in useful. The merchandise was amazing I’m sitting here surrounded […]

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A True Wizard – Chapter 1

Edit 16/9/16 – Just noticed a few recent views of this old post. I would just like to say have have significantly re-written this chapter several times this version is rubbish! I promised myself if I got over 100 views in one day I would post chapter 1 of my book, unfortunately this happened yesterday […]

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A quill cured my dyslexia

I don’t normally write this sort of thing it’s a tad too personal. Obviously it’s not been cured by using a quill. I wouldn’t want you to get the wrong impression either, being dyslexic is not the end of the world. Although it’s classed as a disability it’s a long way from being the worst. […]

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