8 reasons why you should carry a note book


If you have read my recent posts you will know I have been on a short trip to London. On the whole it was an enjoyable trip. However because my laptop has been purloined by my youngest the only way I could do any writing was the old fashioned way in a note book. Normally when I have an idea I’m quite good at holding it in my head until I get to my desktop and write it down. This time I thought I would take the advice been given by so many and take a notebook with me. Why didn’t I do this before?

I found being in a new location very inspiring, but instead of having one idea I could mull over for days then commit to bytes I had loads. Having a note book meant I could write any idea down, then move on to the next one. Revisiting the ideas to flesh them out when I had spare time. So instead of returning with one idea (I was going to say good idea but that might be going too far!) I have returned with notes on edits to two chapters, outlines for two new chapters, an outline for a short story and four blog posts! I’m now a convert to the note book – if you don’t all have one then get one now! Better still, get yourself a fancy one.


7 thoughts on “8 reasons why you should carry a note book

  1. I think we have the largest collection of notebooks in our house and it’s always a challenge every Christmas and Birthday to find a different kind of notebook that will raise a smile and amuse! And not forgetting pens…. Now with pens and notebooks you have a lifetime of presents that will never bore an author 🙂 Enjoy your scribbles.

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      1. Now you know me..in your imagination
        Not very lovely..no fascinations
        no gadgets. ..just determination
        to write down moments from destinations..
        journey is long..and I feel this register will have a song..called
        Kalabalu ..walking in blue
        writing with pencil..sticking with glue
        hands are dirty..lost cover of UHU…
        just a simple..Kalabalu

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