I hate chapter 3

Re-writing or editing (whatever you want to call it) is a lot hard than I thought it would be. I’ve got as far as chapter 4 and being as ruthless as I can but I have to face facts, my book isn’t as good as I though it was and I really hate chapter 3. It’s the sort of chapter that I hate in fantasy fiction is horribly sugary and a tad obvious. Without chapter 3 chapter 4 doesn’t make sense and I am happy with that chapter.


14 thoughts on “I hate chapter 3

  1. It’s okay to hate the chapter now. You have it written which is the first obstacle. You always have the right to crappy writing as long as you are writing. Trashcans are great:) If you can’t edit Ch 3 right now, skip over it to the next chapter. Other events in the story will suggest ways to tighten Ch 3. And not focusing on it will allow your unconscious to search for ways to strength the writing. Trust yourself that it will come.

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  2. Why not make a new copy without chapter three at all, then when something crops up in chapter four that doesn’t make sense, add a bit you did like from chapter three so it does make sense. It’s rare that you can’t tweak a bit of backstory so it isn’t off-putting.

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    1. Its hard to explain without understand the story arch but my character behaves in particularly nauseating way in chapter 3 which is explained in chapter 4. I think the bigger problem is I don’t have his voice right he sounds a bit too middle class this might mean a major re-write or I might wait until I have finished the first draft of the book.


      1. I’d be tempted to leave it until you know exactly where the story is going and when you’ve decided exactly how you want your character to come across. That’s how I tend to see a first draft, sorting out of ideas.

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  3. Thank you for the follow.
    I had the same issues with my last novel which is being edited now. I haven’t heard back from Cindy yet which is unusual and I’m afraid I really screwed up with all the major changes I made. I shortened chapter 1, dropped chap 2 completely, wrote a new chap 2 then dropped that. Because of the major revisions there were minor changes throughout the rest of the book. It was a huge headache. So take the advice of those who said leave it. I know I am.
    The same problem is happening again with my new novel. I knew what I wanted for chapter 1; chapter 2 didn’t work well at all so I moved on to 3. Soon I realized I wasn’t happy with any of it. I’m taking James Patterson’s writing course and had to write out a scene I was planning for later in the book. Now, I’m thinking of making that the beginning. I’m sitting on everything for now while I work on the outline. This is only my 3rd novel and the first time I’ve used an outline.
    In the past, I could keep the story in my head, but now either my brain is too old or too overstuffed with junk that I can’t seem to keep much in it. With my other books I made a ‘working outline’ which was merely notes on what happened in each chapter so I had something to refer to and could keep track of the story.
    What truly surprised me was that making an outline ahead of writing was more difficult than I expected. With it, I’m hoping to see where my story needs to start.

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  4. I’ve spent enough time teaching writing to tell you this: It’s not the writers who say “I hate my third chapter” that I worry about. It’s the ones who think every word that dripped from their pens (okay, computer keys) is deathless and unchangeable. If you can see the weaknesses, you’re doing okay.

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