How to Use Pinterest to Get Massive Amounts of New Readers (Guest Post)…

Really interesting article worth a read I’m not sure how I will relate it to my book thou

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A reader was confused.

After reading a persuasive blog post about the value of Pinterest, he inquired of the writer, “Is it possible for authors to use Pinterest to get attention to their writing.

I only have one word for this reader and anyone else wondering.


Pinterest has great value for writers and anyone looking to grow their readership due to the vast amount of people using Pinterest.

More than 60% of all consumers get information visually, by looking at pictures. Pinterest is comprised of these graphics, or pins, displayed on virtual bulletin boards.

The answer for writers looking to use Pinterest to grow their audiences is simple—use Pinterest bulletin boards to get interest in snippets of your writing.

How to Use Pinterest Boards to Create Interest in Your Writing

The diagram below shows a basic plot structure. If you make a Pinterest board for each element of your…

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8 thoughts on “How to Use Pinterest to Get Massive Amounts of New Readers (Guest Post)…

  1. How exciting to come here and see the picture of me and my article here. Thank you again for the reblog. If you are interested, I have many articles at my site about how Pinterest can help content creators, no matter what the genre. Nice to meet you.

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