Well not really sailing as my boat is still out of the water allegedly being repaired but I’m on the safety boat. This is not for fun you understand! It’s for research for my book when Tybalt finds himself in a sailing boat for a couple of chapters. I just hope I don’t get horrible sea sick like he did. Must remember to get some pictures for my new pinterest account.


3 thoughts on “Sailing

  1. A very very belated thank you for following my blog! I had to comment on this one because I’m a sailor. I do hope you enjoyed getting out on the water. The thing about sailing is that there’s no noise except the wind and the water slapping against the side of the boat – the nearest thing to freedom I’ve found (except my latest adventure sky diving – post coming soon!) I also put some sailing into my first book – need to get back to writing that in!

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    1. I love sailing unfortunately my boat is still broken. The only time I get on the water is on the safety boat and that is not quiet! I added sailing into my book but had to cut lots of technical description out when I realised a lot of read would be put with it!


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