It all started in a Café


Just got back from London and visited The Making Of Harry Potter. It was as good as I hoped  and the kids loved it (well one of them did). The highlight for me was seeing Dumbledore’s office, although the lesson in wand technique will come in useful. The merchandise was amazing I’m sitting here surrounded by wands and note books drinking from a cauldron shaped mug. I even brought my wife’s anniversary present there. However the cost was astronomical, I think I have personally funded their next film.

As an aspiring author it really made me think. She started writing in a café in Glasgow as an unemployed single mum. She really believed in her book, which I think had been rejected by at least one publisher. When she was published, she was told it wouldn’t make much money. Now she is one of the most beloved and famous authors of her generation. I don’t seriously dream I’m going to have the success of J.K. Rowling, well ok occasionally after a few drinks I might. It is nice to think that one of us may become a successfully published author and we all started the same way by having an idea then taking the plunge and writing. Now on to writing chapter 10 ‘Accio chapter notes!’

15 thoughts on “It all started in a Café

  1. I think she actually got rejected a lot more times than that before she finally struck gold! Its an inspiring lesson to all us Indies, I think. Btw I’d love to go there, looks like a lot of fun. 😊

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  2. That does sound like a great place to visit 🙂
    Actually it seems like quite a few successful authors have been rejected many times. For example German author Michael Ende (I think “The Never Ending Story” is his most famous book internationally) got rejected by 12 different publishers…
    I guess that being accepted by a traditional publisher has always been a hard task.
    Thanks for following my blog, I do hope that you will enjoy it…

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