5 things that stop me being a world renown author.



One of the few perks of my job (teacher) is I get a long break in the summer. At this point I get torrent of abuse about how easy my job is how overpaid and underworked I am. I’m not but this post isn’t about my job. With all this free time I hoped to get a lot of writing done however life is never that easy.

  1. Blogs

I have spent a lot of time reading other peoples blogs. To be honest at first I started following them in the hope they would follow mine. The problem I have some of them are very good. One or two are funny, lots have excellent advice. This all eats into time I could spend writing my book. I can spend up to three hours a day reading and posting on other blogs.

There is also my own blog. I have come to love writing my blog, its good writing practise and the hope is the more I write the better writer I will become, and well that’s the theory anyway. I have set my phone to beep whenever I get a like or reply to a comment, As soon as I hear it I have to stop and check it, even mid-sentence.

  1. Family

I know I shouldn’t complain about them but… We live in a two bedroomed flat. The oldest step son (15) is usually in his bedroom. The Youngest the living room making endless you tube videos of him playing games with his friends on line. That leave our bedroom for me and my wife to inhabit. We have a very nice bedroom were my desks lives. I like working in here. I don’t even mind my wife using her sowing machine while I write, I’ve learn to block out the noise. The problem is the boys don’t see our bedroom as our private space and happily come in chat when they are bored. Which again is great apart from when I’m trying to write! I never let anyone read the first draft of my work, usually because it’s riddled with mistakes. So when they come I have to stop writing reduce the page and listen. I know what you are thinking, you miserable man they grow up so fast you should make time for your kids. You are all right but I’m only human and it’s hard to maintain my cool when being told for the fifth time in an hour that they, are bored, hungry etc. when you have already played football in the park (which I hate), prepared food or given lots of sensible suggestions as what they could do my patience starts to get very thin. Interesting enough since I started writing this not one person has interrupted me!

  1. The dog

My dog is great, walking him helps me organise my thoughts as well as get much needed exercise. He can be good company as well. One of his favourite places to lie is under my desk. It can be comforting have him rest his head on my feet. The problem is when, without warning he decides to lick my feet. My failings as a writer means I can’t adequately describe the feeling of having your bare feet liked by my dog in mid-sentence, gross doesn’t cover it! This is odd while writing this my very unsociable cat has just gone under my desk, she has never done that before!

  1. Computer games

Ok now being honest I can try and blame others for not writing as much as I wanted but to be honest my biggest problem is me. I’m obsessed with computer games. As I’m writing this every 10 minutes I’m check on one of my new games Adventure Capitalist. When I’ve finished writing this I’ll probably load up one of the Total War series and play for the rest of the afternoon. If I could spent the time writing I do on computer games I would probably be on my 5th book by now.


Enough moaning tomorrow I will;

  1. Get up and make coffee, then start writing
  2. Not check my blog until I have finished
  3. Turn my phone of
  4. Not go anywhere near the internet or just check in on my games before starting.
  5. Lock my kids in their bedroom with the dog and cat – ok that’s probably going too far

I will write for three hours straight – I’ll let you know how I get on.

Oh I almost forgot the 5th thing that stops me – lack of talent!

60 thoughts on “5 things that stop me being a world renown author.

  1. I have one great piece of advice that I used for writing papers at uni: write an hour and then take 10-15 minuets off, during that time chat with your kids, have a snack, play a game, read a blogpost comment, read a book, really do something different.
    Than get back to your work, one hour (oh and no internet, if you really need to research something, write first and go back to it when you have your internet time). Take your break after an hour. I think blocks of two hours are great. So after two or three hours of working and the breaks in between, you get a real big break whee you can eat with your kids, go outside, and most importantly not be in your writing.

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  2. Hi Eric great post and would love to both follow and share.. May I just offer a little advice having been where you are with your blog a couple of years ago. I would love to follow but it helps if you have a follow button which does not include having to enter an email address. I follow around 1500 blogs and if everyone one sent an email I would be swamped. I will find your posts if you press them, share on twitter etc and I am more than happy for you to add @sgc58 to ones you would like boosted a little more and I will share across my network. Secondly even if you do not use Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr then enabling those share buttons mean that readers of your post who do can share across those networks bringing in more like minded followers to your blog. Even if you are very busy with your job which I know from experience is very time consuming it will over time build you a community. When your book is finished or if you want to receive feedback for what you have written so far, this community can be very useful. I have just put my next book out in the form of a series of short stories and the feedback has enabled me to make some content and editorial changes before publishing. I also am less inclined to comment if I have to complete the form below every time. Your settings are as key to your blog as your content.
    Here is an article that Janice Wald wrote for my blog about the share buttons. I am sorry for the lengthy response but you have a great blog and I would like to share with more people. best wishes Sally https://smorgasbordinvitation.wordpress.com/2015/08/20/4-ridiculously-easy-ways-to-enjoy-effortless-blog-traffic-by-janice-wald/

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    1. Hi – sorry just found your comment in the spam folder. I didn’t realise you had to enter your email address to follow my blog. I will read the article and see if I can fix it – thanks for the great advice.


  3. Haha! I was with you right up until the last bit – I don’t think lack of talent is a problem for you at all! And I know what you mean about blogs taking up so much time… there really are some great ones out there that one really can’t miss. Best of luck with the writing – just keep at it!

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  4. My writing would be nonexistent without scribbled thoughts/ideas/dialogue/inspiration – call it what you like – in a notebook with me at all times. I jot down a word or two as prompts that might otherwise be forgotten. As for your self described “lack of talent”, let others be the critic. Start by believing you’re a writer, never compare yourself to other writers. Write from your perspective, worry about editing later. All too often we bog ourselves down with preconceived notions or unrealistic expectations, soon poised to stifle us through doubt. Above all – write until you find the spark igniting your great novel. 🙂

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  5. Big smiles, Sounds a lovely family………. I admire what teachers achieve, Working with special needs also presents more challenges and patience…
    I was a support worker with adults with learning difficulties for over 10 yrs, And loved almost every moment… 🙂
    I hope now school term is now back in full swing, you still find time for your writing.. And I just spotted you are following my blog, so I say thank you, and look forward to reading more from you in the future..
    Does your wife dress-make? I ask only in that for almost 30 yrs I was in the textile trade and I started out life as a sewing machinist 🙂 as I climbed through the ranks. 🙂
    Nice to meet you

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      1. I used to make all of my own, and my daughters when she was small.. I turn my hand to more knitting and my art these days… It sounds like your wife loves Crafts, and I bet she would have enjoyed the series the Sewing Bee 🙂 on TV 🙂 Enjoy your weekend.. Sue

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  6. I agree with one of your early commenters. Set the timer for 1 hour not 3. A little walk around the flat making sure that everyone is still alive helps the creative juices. I also support muting the phone. I can ignore the sound of incoming email and twitter notifications, but that WordPress bing? I am like Pavlov’s dog. I must check the comment before I can do anything else. Better that I not see the notification until I am ready to take a break from the manuscript.

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  7. Lindsay has just asked why I am sat here chuckling to myself and I have to admit I SO enjoy reading your posts 😀 The similarities somtimes are quite freaky although Lindsay has a rabbit nibbing her feet rather than a dog lickin’ feet!! There are so many things that get in the way sometimes but like you say writing a blog is great practice even when you are a lowly photographer and helps maintain an important skill. Keep writing the posts as you brighten my week and the talent you have is a plenty and it’s all about refining the talent and skill you have… Thanks for sharing 😀

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  8. Good post Eric on the challenges to writing a book. You wear a lot of hats, one of them is gifted writer. You and your wife are both creative in different ways….you have a lot of creativity flowing in your household. You’ll make that book happen!

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  9. There really is entirely too much talent on here. How is a person to write anything when you can’t stop reading what other people are writing. Wait, I’m reading your blog, ahhh, surrounded by talent. 😉

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  10. I do my writing first and then once I’ve had enough I’ll do the reading. Then again, I’m a morning person so that’s when I am at my best and when my writing seems to excel. Come lunchtime it’s downhill for everything apart from reading and commenting on blogs.

    Don’t forget to enjoy yourself as well. Us writes sometimes forget about that.

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    1. I tried to today started with a dog walk then worte for an hour. Stoped made breakfast then wrote for another two hours. It worked well still had a few interruptions but better than normal. I’m now playing a computer game.


      1. There you go, it’s already working. I often have a chat to the dog when out walking with him. He knows all about my future posts and short stories, and never argues or interrupts me. And they say he’s man’s best friend? How right they are.

        I dare you not to pick up your phone when the notification of this comment comes through.
        ……arh! see you failed that test. Better luck next time.

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      1. LOL – I never got into “World of War-crack!” 😉

        Ultima Online was first, now I’m hooked on the Elder Scrolls Online…it’s where I can relieve my frustrations with humanity, safely!

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  11. nice post! It does take allot of time but sure is interesting seeing all of these cool blogs! I love meeting new people and reading about their interests and stories! I would love to follow and read along. Please drop by and visit me as well!

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  12. Can’t see anything in your post to stop you from being a writer mate, sounds like organised chaotic routine to me, even down to your Dog.
    Will admit that reading and commenting on posts certainly can be time consuming, I make a habit to mainly comment on only those who comment on mine, others I click like after perusing, otherwise we would never get around to writing.

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  13. Ah yes, same problem here.. but what Solveig gave above was pretty good advice… the trouble is.. if I could follow that, then this dilemma wouldn’t exist in the first place..
    I have exactly the same kind of troubles 🙂 so I understand.. thanks for sharing

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      1. You could so easily be a renowned writer actually.. and this is not flattery.. I think so.. And if I am not mistaken, you are working towards it, somehow… 🙂 You will be, I am sure..

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  14. Nice to meet you Eric. Thanks for following my blog. 🙂 May I suggest that if you get sidetracked by too much going on with the computer when you want to write, download one of the many apps around that silence everything else around you on the computer. Google ‘writing apps’ 🙂

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