Summer Holidays are finishing – have I done enough?


In July six glorious work free weeks stretched before me. My possibilities were endless. Now sadly they are drawing to a close. I realise many of you might be shouting abuse at me for having long holidays but frankly I don’t care, it one of the few perks left to being a teacher!

Now it’s over and I’m getting that nagging, did I waste my time, feeling. When I started writing for fun at the beginning of the year this summer was when I planned to have my first draft finished. I haven’t, I’m nowhere near finished. I have, however read through all nine chapters and added a sub-plot which adds meat to main character and helps make sense of the whole story arc.

I have managed two extra new chapters which fill in some of the gaps in my story.

I think the most effort has gone into my blog this summer. A lot of blog posts and over doubled my followers breaking through the 100 barrier. I’ve even written a few blog posts in reserve in case I get some manic weeks when I’m back at school.

Writing aside it’s not been too bad personally either with a family holiday to London. On the down side my boat is still out of the water and I didn’t get the garden done either.

As with all things I must remember to focus on the positives and not dwell on the negatives. So everything considered it’s been a good summer!


35 thoughts on “Summer Holidays are finishing – have I done enough?

  1. Well you can’t turn back time Eric, so you might as well enjoy your memory’s of your break.
    I have some blogs to catch up on yet and I see yours is one of them, will take some time out and find out about this story you have been writing, must be quite interesting considering the time and effort you have put into it’s production.

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  2. Sounds to me like you didn’t waste your summer some times added elements are better than a completed project. Those elements were clearly needed so you would have either had to have written them now or later. So consider yourself accomplished. It is better than the several years it has been taking me to get my one novel to a point where I feel it is publish worthy. It is written but there is still much editing to be done and then I have all the added things to do such as cover the cover and the blurb and even the dreaded formatting. The list seems never ending but we are writers and we have to keep plucking forward. I have faith you can do it! Also good luck with the coming school year!

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  3. Hi Eric! Thanks for the follow, and all the comments. Congrats on breaking 100! What do you teach? I was KG teacher, before I became disabled.
    I think you’re done a lot!! And a long break is few of the perks, indeed. Very few good things left for teachers. May God bless you this year, and use you to light a fire of passion for learning, in your students.

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