Haven’t you finished yet?


I started my blog to document my trials and tribulations writing a book. It’s changed and I seem to post about lots of other things as well. I thought I would take a few minutes and write about how well it’s going if for no other reason than help me reflect on where I am with it.

I have now written 13 chapters, 11 of them are in order two are floating I’ve not decided where to slot them in yet. I’ve made a few changes and I’m a lot happier with the book as a whole. I’ve stopped writing with a sequel in mind but changed it to a book with two parts so I can stop adding padding. I have still have a few problems with it, the biggest being the main character lacking, well, character I’m hoping I can fix things in the 2nd draft.

When I started writing I wasn’t sure I’ll finish it. As soon as I put finger to keyboard I realised how hard writing a book is. However the further I get the more likely I feel I’m going to finish. The main thing that has kept me going is all the support I get from fellow bloggers. Without some of you I’m sure I would have given up by now. I shall leave you with an extract from one of my recent floating chapters, it’s probably full of mistakes as it is the first draft.

Walter look down Lantern Street after weeks of fruitless searching he told himself this could be the one. But then with a wry smile he reminded himself he had said that about all the other streets. This was another poor street, but then most of the streets in Jaden where. This was one of those streets where the residents, despite their poverty, had taken some pride. There was none of the usual discarded rubbish piled in corners. Most of the houses were simple one or two story buildings with shutters rather than glass. All of them were built out of mud bricks. There wasn’t any pavement or side walk but then he noticed most householders had swept a small section in front of their dwelling. A thankless task thought Walter with the dusty roads of Jaden. He sighed then fixed a friendly look on his face and knocked on the first door.




11 thoughts on “Haven’t you finished yet?

  1. Great writing Eric, intriguing part of your story, I can tell by the way you write, that it appears to be something I would read. Keep Persevering mate, you have the talent to see it through to publishing stage.
    Aussie Ian aka Aussie Emu

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