To blog or not to blog


Just to be very clear I’m not taking a pop at blogs that re-post other peoples work, I follow a couple of those and they are very useful way of finding new blogs. My blog isn’t that type of blog I wanted it to be a platform for me to practise my writing. So far I’m very happy with how it is going.

I’m very unsure whether to re-blog other peoples posts. I have done a few that were so amazing, funny or useful that I just had too. I’m worried if I re-blog too many my blog will lose its identity. I feel a bit of a hypocrite I was over the moon when one of my posts was re-blogged by 5 people and it definitely helped me get more followers. Should I regularly re-blog post to help my fellow bloggers out? I would still only re-blog posts I thought are good but there a lot of those and my own posts could get swapped. Should I stick to just roughly once a month?


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41 thoughts on “To blog or not to blog

  1. Your right there mate, I think if constantly re blogging other posts, even if they are good, and just posting Wikipedia contents, does tend to deviate away from your site. I think it’s important to keep your site separate,as it is in actual fact your personality that comes through in the posts, your individuality. I have come across many great topics but only re blogged one, this was purely as the subject was one that I knew my followers would like.
    Keep your personality and individuality in your site mate.
    Best wishes for a great weekend.
    Aussie Ian aka Aussie Emu

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  2. This is a really tough one as I feel similarly to you – my blog is its own little world and although I absolutely love being re-blogged, I feel that I cannot afford the same courtesy to others for fear of confusing the ‘identity’. I suppose that every blog is different and has a different purpose. Chris The Story Reading Ape has the whole thing down to a fine art!

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  3. I don’t mind reblogging, especially if I like the content. Others might also like it and find the information helpful. I also like reblogging posts about upcoming blog parties. It’s a good way to socialize with other bloggers and find new blogs to read/follow. I write my own posts as well.

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  4. Very good questions!! I had similar thoughts myself. I wouldn’t put a specific number on there…because what if you find more than 1 you really want to reblog? I think you should definitely keep with your own theme. Like you said, this is a platform for your writing. Even if reblogging is something you’re not always apt to do, what about commenting on their work instead? This still helps you connect with others, as well as express your thoughts on their pieces…

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  5. I have had similar thoughts as you Eric. I want my blog to be my own voice. Yet I get the idea of supporting others. That is why I determined to tweet out other amazing blogs. It helps support other people without ‘compromising’ my own blog. I know other people reblog a lot and there is nothing wrong with that. When others re-blog it brings interesting topics to my attention at times. I think each person has their own way. So I think maybe for you Eric keep how you are re-blogging the really amazing ones and focus mostly on your work because that has a place as well and is good.

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  6. I like your idea of selective, occasional re-blogging, Eric. I personally want my blog to be an honest reflection of what’s important to me and what I want to share. While I really appreciate those who interact with my blog, it seems phony somehow to re-blog and “like” everything that comes along.

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  7. I’m glad you’ve written this – I worry I’m not being a good spirited blogger if I don’t reblog.

    I’ve done a few, usually to promote meet and greets, as I do have these to thank for growing my readership. But generally now I do what others have suggested: Tweet, share on my Facebook page or connect via a pingback.

    I have a rough schedule to my posts and feel deviating from this, without a great reason would possibly annoy my readers of bombarding with others posts. Again though, I agree that sites who reblog are fantastic for finding new blogs and interesting articles. I guess I view them as news sites almost.

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