8 Reasons why you should carry a notebook


If you have read my recent posts you will know I have been on a short trip to London. On the whole it was an enjoyable trip. However because my laptop has been purloined by my youngest the only way I could do any writing was the old fashioned way in a note book. Normally when I have an idea I’m quite good at holding it in my head until I get to my desktop and write it down. This time I thought I would take the advice been given by so many and take a notebook with me. Why didn’t I do this before?

I found being in a new location very inspiring, but instead of having one idea I could mull over for days then commit to bytes I had loads. Having a note book meant I could write any idea down, then move on to the next one. Revisiting the ideas to flesh them out when I had spare time. So instead of returning with one idea (I was going to say good idea but that might be going too far!) I have returned with notes on edits to two chapters, outlines for two new chapters, an outline for a short story and four blog posts! I’m now a convert to the note book – if you don’t all have one then get one now! Better still, get yourself a fancy one.

P.S. Sorry if it looks like I’ve posted this twice. I tried to use the schedule publish option and it has been a bit strange and not done what it was supposed too.

38 thoughts on “8 Reasons why you should carry a notebook

  1. I used to do everything on some technological platform or other, but I have recently found the benefit of pen and paper again. I can definitely relate to the advantages of your post!

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  2. I have a nice Moleskin for my writing purposes. Which I do cherish a lot. Now there are a few stories in there that I should type up, but my daughter does not even let me blog anymore these days…

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  3. Correct. Notebook might seem very rudimentary. But it is a powerful tool. The only cons of using a notebook that I have come across are that you need a pen/pencil and a fair amount of light.

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  4. Correct. Notebook might seem very rudimentary. But it is a very powerful tool. The only cons of using a notebook that I can think of are that you need a pen/pencil and a fair amount of light.

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    1. Ha ha too true. I’ve just come back from sleeping by my sons bed for two night in hospital (not too serious only an ear infection). After every one was in bed I had a great idea for a blog post, I couldn’t turn the light on so I had to write it in the dark. The next morning I could just make out what I had written.

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    2. There was a distant aunt of my father who was blind/almost blind but who apparently did write her letters by hand at the age of 104. At least that is what I can remember (but who knows what happens to childhood memories).

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  5. I usually carried my tablet around, which had a notebook app in it. Took notes, stories etc. But than the charge port went out. No access to those great scribbles. Haven’t gotten the tablet fixed, because I like the old fashion way better. I forgot how awesome it is!
    Thanks for sharing this.

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  6. I have been telling myself to carry a notebook because when an idea hits me, I can just write it down immediately. I must have forgotten so many good ideas just because I didn’t carry one. So, carry one y’all. 😀 Thanks for sharing, Eric and thank you as well for following my blog. It’s much appreciated. Best wishes to you. 😀

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  7. I have spent almost my whole life not without at least a pen because honestly any writing surface will do in a pinch. I worked retail and would snag a bit of receipt tape. If desperate for something to write on a napkin will do to hold that thought before I can transfer it to a more permanent location. (I tend to lose ideas as fast as the come sometimes.)

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  8. A great tip Eric, found many times, especially on my trip to Chile, that when it was over it was all jumbled up, had to try to reconstruct story’s through photographs, the memory might be good, but can be overwhelmed at times and pieces tend to disappear.
    A notebook would give a reference point at least.

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  9. Thank you for this. I started my blog about a month ago. I have been using the note app on my phone to jot down ideas and thoughts for posts. This has helped me greatly, but I can see the advantage of pen and paper too. I’ll give it a try. Everyone where seems to support this advice too!



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  10. Perhaps it is time for me to invest in some better notebooks. My post-It/Napkin/scratch paper that somehow seems to magically get covered in scribbles of dinosaurs and trucks method probably isn’t the most efficient. Hmm maybe I will get one of those pens that automatically digitize what I write. Now if only I had something handy to note that down so I could add it to my Christmas list later.

    Sorry to hear about the ear infection. That’s never fun for anyone.

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      1. Ah – all makes sense. Here I was thinking that I didn’t remember seeing you say you were going to London, but then again I took some time off last week and figured I just missed something.

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  11. I always carry at least one notebook with me and everything i write for my books is typically there first. This past week I had to drive down to my hometown and help my best friend with funeral arrangements for her daughter. I was so grateful for having my notebooks, since I just packed them out of habit and didn’t even know they were there until around 1am the first night!

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