Changing a character


You might recall last week I said I was going to change a character from and evil child beating sadistic teacher that kills a boy to a friendly charming likable teacher who kills a boy. When I wrote the original one he just came over as a pantomime villain. I think I subconsciously tried to write a Snape. He only has a minor part but still I’m hoping he will feel believable. I also think a nice person who kills or deliberately causes a death has more impact than a sadistic git. Still not actually re-written him yet so still might come over as wooden, will have to wait and see.


9 thoughts on “Changing a character

  1. Interesting to see the outcome Eric, are you sure your subconscious is not awakening. Either good or bad, your villain has a propensity for killing, you are making me think like a psychoanalyst with you Jekyll and Hyde Teacher, hehe.

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