I’ve finished! (well sort of)


I have either finished the first draft of part one of my book or have a barebones draft of the whole book. Its only 53k words so not a finished book yet. I need to rewrite large bits of it and fill in the missing gaps. I need to show a bit more development of the main character and then see what I have. But at least I’ve reached one mile stone.


27 thoughts on “I’ve finished! (well sort of)

      1. More than happy for you to ask I am running out of people to bore! A boy discovers he is a wizard then becomes a pawn in the internal squabbles of the different orders trying to gain power. I have posted the first draft on my blog if you fancy a read although its just the first draft. What’s is you current one about?


      2. I will give it a look! My current WIP is a story about the heir to a major noble family. The heir is magically abused by his Father. He enlists into the military to escape his family and becomes infatuated with a destitute girl, even though he is promised to another Noble family. He unknowingly becomes entangled in the schemes of people who want to overthrow the Nobles. He must choose to honor his oath to the military and save the Nobles, or follow his heart and save the girl.

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