5 Things that I hate


I like to think I’m a fairly easy going sort of chap but there are some things in life I hate so much it almost drives me to physical violence. If we take it as read I hate the usual thing that any self-respecting liberal does like racism intolerance, homophobia etc. here is my list

  1. People who clap in time to music. A song I love comes on the T.V. I think great then with in 5 seconds the *’&* in the audience start clapping along. Why would anyone want to hear you clap? If I wanted to hear people clapping I would buy a CD. Probably the reason I’m getting into opera because no one claps along.
  2. Saying ‘yeah’ after every sentence, can’t say too much about this one as my wife does it.
  3. Sharing Britain First posts without reading them properly. If you don’t know who they are they are a racist neo Nazi party that gain social media support by getting people to share their post without thinking about what they are putting their names too.
  4. Reality T.V. The programme that sums this blight on humanity is a UK programme called google box were it films families watching TV commenting on TV. I feel I don’t need to add anything else.
  5.  Unnecessarily rude people. There are some situation when you have to become stroppy even rude, normally when you have been treated badly. I understand this I do it sometimes myself. But why do some people find the need to default to rude all the time. It just makes life unpleasant. Make the world a nice place say please and thank you, don’t push to the front, it’s not that hard!

There is my list let me know your pet hates – if it’s stuck up opinionated bloggers you might be in the wrong place ….



51 thoughts on “5 Things that I hate

  1. Definitely, no. 5 is something I dislike, too. I think people use hostility to hide their lack of confidence. By making things unpleasant for others, they demonstrate that they have low self respect. My number one pet hate is people who let their children sneeze in my face on aircraft. I travel a lot for work so I try to be the very last to board a flight. No. 2, People scrutinising my shopping basket at the market. No. 3, People telling me to get shorter and gain 20 lbs. No. 4, People walking straight into me while staring in my face. (This happened again, today, in the pharmacy.) I hope my list added to the discussion. Thank you. x

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  2. 1. It is genetic, you silly prat… *(see 5. for why I use the endearing terms, hehe). The same reason why people tap feet when there are catchy numbers. It is in the bones. Some witchcraft in our bones makes them tingle when there are harmonic vibrations. But, oh never mind, it is just pseudo-science. They just want to make sure they are seen how appreciative and how much of connoisseurs they are of music. For example, if someone sustains a note or repeats a note stupidly a dozen times, without rhyme or reason, our stupid berk audiences think it is some awesome piece of genius playing. Never fails to irk me…. *Sigh, can’t really criticise you for this one.. note how the spellchecker tells me my criticism is wrong, hahaha.. (s in it, not the bloody “zee”)

    2. That is very true, yeah. It is very common, yeah. And first of all, kill the “yeah”oos…. It is ridiculously plebeian. Unfortunately, same problem here. Cannot tell my wife it is utterly ill-mannered to say “yeah” when you could say “yes” over a phone call.. *Sigh, still the same score..

    3. Whoa, if you read the Daily Mail, you have no right to complain at all. A paper that supported Mosley and all his cohorts is still alive? Well, then you are to blame too. So don’t go around telling people what it is like to be irritated with their support for neo-nazi rags or their ilk.

    4. Don’t you ever wonder which genius ever named that fallacy as reality TV? Once again, due apologies, I am not permitted to voice my outrage over this travesty because rule no.2 here forbids it. And I rant and rave all day whenever the tv switches on and we found a “Very happy” middle. No tv at all. Shuts us both up and no more arguments.. hehehe.. (except my daughter misses her favourite Japanese toons.. which is, come to think of it, not a bad result at all, never mind her sadness).

    5. Ah, here we come to the good part, silly berk 😀 If we are not rude we might just go mad. It is better to just curse people and volubly at that, just so we don’t end up being true Americans and taking people out with assault rifles and handguns. It is a good thing. Now, I know you are fuming at my name calling, but brother, I am so delighted to meet a fellow curmudgeon that I am besides myself with joy… *Swooon… when did they create you? same batch as I, I bet.. hahaha

    Hey, just kidding Eric, now don’t blow your stack.. I am being a prat too, I know.. but all good fun, mate.. and Blimey, the first time I am being apologetic with a comment like this.. hahaha..

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      1. Drip feeding is good. It’s the point when you look back and realise there’s a list of over a hundred that I’d be leaving for a cave to start my life as a hermit. Some days, it’s a very appealing notion!

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      1. (Somebody here is thinking… gosh…. he even has the same kind of wife, who complains about the same kind of thing… is he from a parallel universe/dimension? Hmm… how did I make him say Mxyztplk in reverse now??.. gotta consult the old superman issues now..hmm..)

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  3. How valuable was the soul of the person responsible for the creation of reality TV because he/or she really got some mileage out of the deal. I am grateful to my core that scripted TV has come back into style.

    I’m not familiar with Britain First, by the sounds of it I believe I should feel lucky, but I know of plenty of people who mindlessly forward on other stories whose sources they’ve clearly not questioned enough.

    My 1) People who use the last of the toilet paper roll without replacing it. Is fitting a new roll on the holder really that difficult?

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      1. What would the comparable phrase be for getting mileage out of something on your side of the ocean? Would you say meterage? One of these days the US may just yet adopt the metric system and I want to be ready.

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  4. I’m with you on every one on the list. I’m going to add: I hate people that stop and chat while blocking an entrance way, and people who leave their shopping carts blocking aisles while they run to grab something they forgot at the top of the aisle. 🙂

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  5. Canadians say “Yeh” after every sentence. It’s kind of a question, but not a question. I put up with it cuz I love Canadians. Our neighbors to the North tend to have much more sense about what is important in life. Besides my Canadian editor charged 2/3 of what an excellent American editor would charge! Plus he gave me a final edit for free!
    I get all the rest of your “hates,” but HATE is too strong a word, I think. I am not even sure if I want to hate racists, sexists and other hateful people that are in the world. It makes me too much like them! 😉
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    Her husband made a video for her novel. He wrote the song too:

    An article about Sherrie Miranda and her debut novel:
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