Book Synopsis – what do you think?

I’ve been working on my books synopsis which is surprisingly hard to do. This is what I have come up with it. Out of the blue Tybalt discovered he was a wizard. Suddenly from being a thief living on the streets destined for the gallows he had become an important player in a game he […]


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How do tags work

One of the many things I have tried to get to grips with since blogging is tags. At first I just tagged one or two key words from my post. I noticed other bloggers use quite a lot of tags per post so I slowly increased the ones I use. I now tag on average […]

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How long should a chapter be?

This might seem like an odd question but one that worries me. When I first starting writing I goggled this question and came across an author who said all his chapters were 2500 words long. That sounded ok so I tried that but soon realised how silly it was to restrict yourself to an arbitrary […]

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Give me mystery

Everyone says the most important element in a book is conflict but for me it’s mystery. I’m not saying conflict isn’t important without it a book would be very boring. However what gets my juices following is not knowing what is going to happen. Every book I read I try to guess how the book […]

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