Divinity By James Harrington



I came across the author’s blog a while back he seemed a very nice chap and I liked what he had to say so I thought I would give his book a go. It’s the story of the Junior Angel Adalyn who accuses her mentor Azrael of being a traitor and plotting against god. She isn’t believed and is her self thrown out of heaven for being a traitor. She is then found almost dead by Giovanni a 16th century Venetian fisherman who nurses her back from the brink. Through a series of adventures they discover events on earth are impacting on the battle in heaven. Along with a few friends the pick up on the way set out to save god!

What I didn’t like about the book;

This bit is hard for me to write as I’m don’t want to upset the author but the biggest problem for me was the historical inaccuracies. I am a history geek and these things agitate me. The biggest one -Nero did not burn Rome down, this was a story spread by his enemies to discredit him. There is a lot of sources that prove this wasn’t him. I don’t think you will find a single serious historian who believes he did. This is a very minor point in the book and doesn’t really ruin the plot it just upsets me. I’m off to lie in a darken room and calm down.

Rifles; they did not have rifles in the 16th century I believe they were not invented until the 18th or 19th century. (I didn’t look it up but would be easy to do so). The use of the word rifle is just sloppy and ten minutes on google would have fixed it. I’m not 100% sure flintlocks were around either.

Nudity; the characters were very prudish, from what I know about this period it was not the case and nudity was not a big deal and it was a bit overplayed. At times the character were more Victorian than medieval.

One or two of the characters lacked depth; not all, some were very good. Padre Antonelli could have done with a bit of a dark past, the pope hinted at it and one point but was never developed.

The beginning was I’m afraid unbelievable. Adalyn believed too easily that her mentor was guilty, you would have expected her to try and disprove it at first but then given in to the inevitable or she was already doubting his loyalty. I got that she was impetuous but that made her seam shallow and disloyal. As the story developed she showed herself to be anything but disloyal so it didn’t really work for me. I would be worried that some readers might be put off by this bit.

The things I did like;

The plot, trying to save god is very ambitious, once I got over the beginning it was very good I would have liked one or two more twists but on the whole it was good and I enjoyed it.

Some of the characters are very good. I especially liked Giovanni I’m not going to give any spoilers but the way he reacted to events was believable. Adalyn was a well written character, apart from the beginning I liked her development. There was a third character that was also very well written and despite not having his POV I felt I understood him. Sorry can’t say his name him as it would give to much a way!

The concept of god was very interesting I can’t say too much because it will ruin the story but I liked the idea.

The action; there was some very well written pieces of action that were a joy to read. Apart from one scene but I’ve moaned enough!

The ending was good, a bit laboured at one point, but ok.


I liked the book despite its short comings. If you like a good romance with fantasy thrown in then this could be the book for you. Personally I prefer the fantasy to the romance so perhaps that’s why I’m not raving about it. I would give it 3 out of 5.


This is my first go at writing a review so let me know what you think.


23 thoughts on “Divinity By James Harrington

  1. Now that is what I call a tough critic 🙂 And since I love history too, I know exactly how you feel when writers fool around with historical facts. You are quite right the the flintlocks did not come into existence until the 17th century. I am irked a lot when such discrepancies appear in any book. At best, I can only snort and move on. Mostly I end up not reading at all. But this is a very nice review. Thank you, Eric

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      1. You are too sweet and considerate that is why you are bothered. He should be flattered that you found the time to read and review his work. People have to learn to accept the good with the bad. If you don’t do an in-depth review just like the one that you did, you will not feel happy with yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself 😉

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  2. I love that you wrote but the positive and negative aspects of the book in tour opinion- that’s what a good review is about. And the fact you pointed the “rifle” error indicates you did take your time to read it, which I personally appreciate.


  3. Thank you for the honest and thoughtful review! I will certainly take these points both positive and negative into account the next time I write. The Nero part was an oversight on my part, however I would like to mention that the rifle I described in my book and often referred to as an Arquebus was present during the 1500s. It was a matchlock, not a flintlock.
    Again, thank you very much and I hope you’ll check out the sequel!

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  4. As someone who is about to write her first proper review..I think like you , liked the way you presented it but also that you didn’t want to upset the author…. which was nice, sounds like he wasn’t, so good job done 🙂

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