Obsession or Addiction


Something I have been thinking about for a while, what’s is the difference? Everyone probably thinks addictions are bad, drugs alcohol and reality T.V. all bad and people need help with. But what do people feel about obsessions? Being obsessed with a person is probably not good. How about a book, tv show, computer game or pop singer. You might argue they are both the same it’s all just semantics.

I’m always accused of being obsessed with a popular story. I read the books every year, buy the merchandise, and mention it in every other blog post. It might bore my family and blog readers to death but does it hurt anyone? I suppose if I spent the food money on getting just one more wand then it would.

Obsessions can be positive I can share it with other people give them joy if they like me are a fan. But then if I was a smack head I suppose I could share that with others as well.

Could the difference be I can walk away from my obsession without any medical effects (no really I could stop anytime I wanted). Whereas an addiction it a lot harder would cause me physical pain.

In conclusion I have no idea I’m no nearer an answer than I was when I started writing this. The only thing I do know is that I’m nearer to death than when I started…. Unless I get a time turner.



33 thoughts on “Obsession or Addiction

  1. I think you’re interested in something and why shouldn’t you indulge as long as you’re enjoying yourself and not destroying the planet? I like taking photos of my food with my iPad or iPhone. A friend of mine, who is permanently attached to her iPad, told me over dinner she thought it was annoying. I think judgement and criticism come from people who don’t share your interests and would prefer not to support you. x

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  2. I am questioning the level of your obsession. Clearly it is not as bad as you think it is. Even after the perfect set-up, you went the entire post without mentioning the book’s name. I am only able to guess what it is based on your tags.

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  3. I was just thinking about this topic. (Obsession of choice – photography.) A friend kindly pointed out that maybe I am using a camera to keep myself apart from the world, that it is a social anxiety coping mechanism. I don’t know if I agree, but the fact that I feel uncomfortable leaving a camera behind when I go on outings, might be a clue.

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  4. Obsession is something that is all consuming. Addiction is something that you can’t live without. Passion is just an intense love or feeling toward something. So I would agree with other astute commentators that you have a passion for Harry Potter. You are not alone. In my foray into fanfiction Harry Potter is my choice. My knowledge base for is is to the point that I am called obsessive but at the same time I only own a small handful of ‘collectibles’. So I think you can rock on with your love and not be worried about it, it is still within ‘normal’ levels.

    I will postulate the interesting idea of how passion for something like Harry Potter is considered almost unacceptable and at least a little weird and yet people can be obsessive about something sports related and it isn’t as much of a problem. Food for thought and something I’ve chewed on many times over. What is the difference? Why is one accepted and the other not?

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