I am no longer big in the Netherlands


Since making this post two strange things have happened.

Frist off I have not had a single view from the Netherlands. By outing the Dutch as followers of my blog they have run off, presumably from fear of reprisals from lovers of good prose.

Secondly the two people who I know follow my blog have not noticed I sneaked them into the post. Krish I even put your name in I couldn’t be any more obvious. Tejaswi, one of my favourite bloggers, didn’t pick up on the cat post reference. Your powers are waning old man!

I have learnt my lesson, followers of my blog are now guaranteed anonymity. Never will I even reveal that someone from your country follows me in case it is traced back to you.



8 thoughts on “I am no longer big in the Netherlands

  1. How ironic.. hahaha… Yes, one more year in my life on this day, the day you called me an old man hahaha…

    Nah, nothing like that Eric, the last few days and nights have melded into a horrific nightmare of sorts. After nearly a decade I got back into the coding business, as a consultant for a friend.. and their company was in trouble.. with deadlines approaching fast, clients and investors threatening to pull out, so a do or die situation.. Since last Friday I guess I have slept fewer hours than most people get in a night.. it has been that bad. Of course, I was delighted to be back at the cutting edge stuff, but this is a young man’s game and I am obviously not over my obsessive streak of overdoing things and getting maniacally involved in everything. In fact, the other night I got up get a drink of water at around 2 am and promptly collapsed.. so not been around to comment on any blog… I did see the reference, I thank you for your kind words, but it has been a nightmarish one week. I promise to be a little more diligent in future 🙂
    I have not been able to respond to direct queries either. All mails and blog things were on standby. There is another peak period coming up in November and I am already dreading it. This time for a full length commercial, a live shoot and an app launch (global)… I am not used to taking my hands off the wheel.. 😀 I know I am a semi-invalid now, but I still cannot get over my exasperation when people I direct don’t do their jobs well and I fume and sit and do it myself. My wife says I am going to the grave sooner than I thought haha..

    Thanks, Eric… I am touched and I am grateful (So grateful that I wrote a long post here.. haha)…

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  2. My largest audience is from the US, which makes sense considering I estimate at least 25% of my views are results of my parents’ repeat visits, but my second largest following is from Brazil. The funny thing is I have no idea who those people are as to my knowledge they have never commented. Perhaps I should try writing in Portuguese some time.

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