5 other things that I hate.


As a follow up to my earlier post I thought I would share 5 more things that I hate. However I have been admonished by another blogger for using the word hate. So now it is 5 other things that annoy me! You will also notice that this time I have not mentioned anything my wife’s does.

  1. People who get their opinions from papers without bothering to think for themselves
  2. People who hog the pavement. Often traveling around in groups moving at a pace even a snail would find slow.
  3. People who hug me when I barely know them. This probably dates back to my church days when random people would hug me. The next person who does this to me will have their ear licked.
  4. People who overuse my name. You know the types have to repeat your name every few words, presumably proud that can remember it. I already know my name so you don’t need to repeat it, also I am aware you are talking to me.
  5. Dogs in coats, they just look silly. Evolution has already provided them with one, no need for you to make them look ridiculous.
  6. Bingo – don’t why I just don’t like it.
  7. Blogs that have a number in their title but don’t stick to it!

There are some of my annoyances please feel free to share yours.

47 thoughts on “5 other things that I hate.

  1. Hehe, guilty of no.4, Eric!!! 😀
    Nice post.. and yes, most of them are on my list too. And blasted jaywalkers in crowded malls, almost as if they are visiting a tourist attraction.. any articles in list-icle format.. “10 reasons why you should not eat potatoes”, “5 things Hitler loved”… the moment I see a number there, I don’t read it at all, no matter how enticing the topic…
    Ok, what does that prove? That we are just being sour old curmudgeons, I suppose. Hehe..

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  2. Haha! In respect of 2, I am increasingly annoyed when people fill the sidewalks in front of their houses with ground cover, making it impossible to walk on the pavement. That said, we live in a village that visitors think it quiet and with no traffic. They dawdle down the main road as if they own it, causing traffic jams.

    Of course, I can be forgiven for causing my own traffic jam when I stop my car in the middle of the road and have a conversation through the driver’s window with another local…. 😉

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    1. Have all so notice the ones like ‘5 things Hugh does every day and number 3 will blow your mind!’ number 3 turns out to be he walks the dog every day. My son calls it click bate.

      Because you hugged me I will hunt you down next time I’m in Bournemouth and lick your ear!

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  3. Pavement hogging, Bingo and any animal in a coat…. Oh and don’t dig the butter, scrape it neatly and while I am on the subject..you did ask….don’t put the spoon you stir your morning cuppa with in the SUGAR!

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  4. I’m a hugger. I’ll hug anyone anytime. That being said, I don’t invade the personal space bubble of strangers. I have one of those, too. 3 foot clearance, please.

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  5. Omg, add my name to #2, my huge pet peeve. But even better; those same people stop dead in their tracks, usually in front of a doorway, or an escalator, and cause people traffic jams. I just want to scream, lol.

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      1. Oh that’s just kid code lol. My eleven year old says the same about me all the time. Kid code never tell your parents they are entertaining, cool, and or give them credit.

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  6. I’m going to become an offender of #5…My pup leaves piles of white hair everywhere he goes, no matter how much I brush him. When we move to out Tiny House Truck, that will be…impossible. He’s getting some sort of a clipping at that time ~ I’ll do it as I used to professionally groom horses for shows ~ but I’m not sure how much to take off. His coat is so beautiful. 😦 But the HAIR OMG. Any suggestions out there? I know tons about animal husbandry, and nutrition, so I’m pretty confident there. Argh.

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