Why do computer games make me bad tempered?


I used to be a complete addict and do nothing but play games in my free time sometimes forgetting to eat and sleep. Since I’ve been married, 5 years ago, I’ve played a lot less. One of the reason I started writing was to give myself something else to do.

The other weekend my wife went away for a hen glamping sleep over ( I know country has gone to the dogs!). I treated myself to a new game played form about 11am to 2am. Stopping to heat some food up for the boys. I didn’t bother getting dressed or showering. Woke up the next day pretty much played most of Sunday too although I did shower (I’m sure you are pleased to hear). At about 5pm I stopped and took the dog out with my youngest. However for most of Sunday I’ve been in foul mood. What is it about computer games that does this – I don’t remember being this angry before? Is it having to put up with people bothering my while trying to conquer Japan? Or like everything else now I’m a certain age – I no longer have the stamina?



32 thoughts on “Why do computer games make me bad tempered?

      1. *sigh* Wife, two kids and other obligations have reduced my gaming to not at all. When I did used to game I was a bit old school with Counter Strike and Diablo II.

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  1. I used to play all the time with my boys when they were younger, and found myself quite cranky when I stopped for a while. I think it’s overstimulation. I would get so engrossed, when I stopped my brain still craved the game and I would be a grumpy, grumbly, grouchy…person.

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  2. Its strange isn’t.. I remember wow back in the days… pretty much came out if bed and would sit in front of the pc all day… wouldnt eat or go out… it was fun but I’m glad I’m passed that now… doing bg’s together was fun though!

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  3. Eric, go read Hugh’s article again! It will put gaming into perspective, again! Call it overstimulation or just plain addiction. I hear it’s like that. Why not turn your energy into writing that fantasy novel. Balance writing with socializing, play chess and go sailing! Much healthier! You can tell I’ve never gone the computer games route, and never will! Chryssa

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  4. I don’t know about you, but sometimes the attitudes of other gamers in my game just gets me all out of sorts. Many complain about being unable to find a raiding team, for example, yet refuse to follow a leader who doesn’t use TeamSpeak or GameVox constantly. Using the VoIP bogs down gamers who have poor internet service providers so insisting that everyone use them is ridiculous – so that’s what sours my mood when gaming!

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  5. Computer games is a recipe for disaster mate, apart from taking up your time it tends to isolate you from your family, it does increase your stress levels and blots out a lot of your life, not preaching mate, just speaking from experience, each to their own though Eric.
    All the best Eric.

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