Ha! What can you tell me about writing a book?

My first ever guest post!

Steven Capps

This week I would like to introduce one of the first people to have taken an interest in my blog, Eric Klingenberg. He works as a Special Needs Teacher and is in the process of completing his latest project, A True Wizard. In addition to writing fiction, teaching, and doing all the other things that Englishmen do, (I’m American so being all uncultured and what-not makes the U.K. seems exotic) he is an active blogger. If you like his post check him out at Eric’s Blog.

Ha! What can you tell me about writing a book?

I was very flattered to be asked to write a guest blog post for Steven (my first one). When I asked what about, he just said oh anything that would help a new author. Now here we have a problem. I am a new author. I started my book in March, before then…

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5 thoughts on “Ha! What can you tell me about writing a book?

  1. Not too shabby for your first outing or even a second or third for that matter. As an American, should I take issue with the fact that you took issue with one of our phrases? hmmm… pondering…pondering…I guess I will let it slide.

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    1. Sorry I have a long list of things that irritate me. I don’t mind Americans using them but when brits start using American expressions like comfort zone …… but that’s just me. I like lots of American things I especially love your positive attitude to life.

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