Book Synopsis – what do you think?


I’ve been working on my books synopsis which is surprisingly hard to do. This is what I have come up with it.

Out of the blue Tybalt discovered he was a wizard. Suddenly from being a thief living on the streets destined for the gallows he had become an important player in a game he didn’t understand. His new friends all wanted something from him however nobody asked Tybalt what he wanted which was to find his mother. Would his new friends help him or did they have other plans?


Let me know what you think and advice is always helpful.



35 thoughts on “Book Synopsis – what do you think?

  1. Hey, I like it, but it does sound more like a blurb rather than a synopsis. I like how you’ve inserted questions. If this is a blurb indeed, I’d probably not reveal what Tybalt truly wanted (which was to ‘find his mother’). Would just leave as ‘Nobody asked him what he really wanted’ and leave everyone else wondering.

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      1. Eric I struggle so badly with my synopsis I didn’t want to say too much. I liked the way it sounded, but it didn’t follow my understanding of a synopsis. Let me stress, I am NO expert on this. Best of luck. I hope you write a great one.

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  2. Eric, I finished writing a blurb & synopsis for a book I’m writing. It helped to research online how to write them. Jack is right, it didn’t grab me either. Blurbs are short, 3 sentences. A synopsis can be a one page or more. Some agents want short, some longer. For starters loose all extra words – however, which , suddenly. And both need to be in the present tense. It will take many redos before you get it to hook a reader! Don’t worry, you’ll get there! Good you are asking for feedback! Chryssa

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  3. Tybalt was actually abandoned as a baby to the streets and alleys of destitution and poverty, he was abandoned by his Stepfather at birth, due to the powers that Tybalt was born with, the Stepfather knew this and saw Tybalt a threat to his Kingdom he ruled, through marriage to Tybalts mother. The stepfather knew that Tybalt would recognize his powers when he came of age, and would set out on the quest to find his mother, this would result in Tybalt regaining the inheritance he so rightly deserved by birth, to do so would entail confrontation with the Stepfather.
    Well that’s enough of my ramblings.

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