Have more than one blog and link it?

I had this idea the other day. Would it possible to have blogs with other blogging services that link together. So when you write a post on wordpress it automatically publishes on your other blogs giving you a wider readership. If it couldn’t link you could just cut and paste your posts across. I can’t […]


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What is the point of Twitter?

I was first told to get a twitter account by my nephew when he got fed up of me posting about last year’s Eurovision on facebook. I know it’s sad, I watch Eurovision it one of the highlight of my year, posting disparaging comments about it. I did get a twitter account not for Eurovision […]

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I used up a whole notebook!

A while ago I wrote a post about discovering how useful notebooks are. I know, but remember I am a bit slow, so trying to catch up with the rest of you. I have now finally finished my first ideas notebook, hopefully it means I am becoming more creative. More importantly it means I can now […]

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Seeking inspiration

Since I’ve started writing I have discovered I can’t wait for inspiration. I used to imagine writers getting constant eureka moments then rushing off to a computer to run of a book. I have had one or two of those but mostly had to do it the less glamorous way. Over time when I needed […]

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