Write for 30 minutes a day.


I got this idea from a post about exercising. Most of my writing is done at the weekends but during the week I miss it. The other problem with just writing two days a week I invest a lot emotionally in getting everything done so as often happen it doesn’t go to plan an I don’t write much then I get quite down about it.

So I decided I would write 20-30 minutes every day after I got home from work, this is how I got on.

Monday 0 minutes writing

Tuesday 0 minutes writing

Wednesday 0 minutes writing

Thursday 0 minutes writing

Friday 30 minutes writing

So a bit of a washout. Now my new plan is get up 30 mins earlier and try writing before I go to work – I’ll let you how that works out.



50 thoughts on “Write for 30 minutes a day.

  1. I’ve been trying to give myself an hour a day – to write and/or work on my blog. It is supposed to be at the end of my work day (I’m not so good in the mornings) and before I retire to the kitchen and/or join The Husband to catch up with our days. Doesn’t always happen – work gets in the way…. Sigh…

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  2. At least it’s a plan mate, best wishes on how you find a solution, my writing is all over the place at the moment, in actual fact it is no writing, I tend to write only after I have read and commented on my friends posts, this is not working for me, so I am looking for a solution that works both ways and is fair to my followers.
    Kind regards and best wishes.

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  3. I had a plan too! 5 to 8 in the morning and 7 to 9 at night … at least for NaNoWriMo … two days in and zero time and zero words … BUT … I like your idea of short pulses … I’m going to try a few half an hour stints … today. Good luck to you by the way.

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  4. Definitely sounds like my fitness plan. The ‘do it before work’ lasted for about 4 days! My problem is that I have no concept of time – I say I’ll spend 20 mins then 2 hours have gone by (writing, not exercise!) Hope you find a time that suits to fit it all in 🙂

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  5. Hahaha – your week’s plan vs reality reminds me of mine recently. It’s tough when you are tired after work – and especially now it’s Winter and getting dark so early (unless you are in the Southern Hemisphere, in which case ignore that!). I’m rubbish in the mornings but if you aren’t then I reckon that’s a great time to write because you’re fresh and not yet exhausted from work. Good luck!

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  6. I have a post about this on my blog. I am a morning person so it is easy for me. I get up one or two hours before everyone else. With time, my mind and body learned to become productive. If you are a night person, go to bed later than everyone else. Let me know how it goes. Good post.

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  7. I don’t think you should have to “force” yourself to write a certain amount each day. I typically find I have writers block if I am forcing myself to sit at the computer. I also find that I like to read and comment on posts first, which a lot of times will trigger some inspiration.

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  8. Awesome, Erik! 30 mins on Friday. Yay!! Ha ha.
    I have been trying to fit in some meditation time, so I started getting up half an hour earlier about 6 months ago. I don’t always manage it, but when I do, it’s worth it! Keep trying 🙂

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  9. Thank you Eric for following my blog. I appreciate your support. It is nice to see you have taken the first step to writing everyday. The key, as my meditation teacher says, is to try to try. If your first approach doesn’t work as you wish try again. As you discovered you may need to alter your plan until you find what works for you. Keep at it and you will. In love and light Cheryle

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  10. It often goes that way, doesn’t it? As soon as I set myself goals, they go straight out of the window! My new approach is to just write when I feel like writing – and it WORKS! I actually get more done that way 🙂

    Good luck with it all!

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      1. Me too! I think every writer is, even if they don’t like to admit it! It can be helpful to have breaks though – to get the creative juices flowing and all that. Think of it as a potential GOOD thing!

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      1. Thank you, but I have never been a writer and never plan to be one 🙂 English is not my native language, and if I write anything, it is only for my family history records. Even in my blog I am trying to write as little as possible.
        Great you use a notebook 🙂 Look forward to purchasing your book in Amazon some day! 🙂

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