Audio books saved my life!

book painting

Well ok they didn’t, that was my son refers to as ‘click bait.’ Like a lot of you I have an ever expanding to read list that grows quicker than I can read them. When I’m pottering in the kitchen I also like to listen to comedy radio shows on the BBC i-player. News quiz and Dad’s Army are two of my favourites. Recently the number and quality of shows they have been offering has taken a marked downturn. I was left with two options work in silence or god forbid, actually talk to my family. Salvation came in the form of audio books. I don’t know what made me think of them but I was saved! I started with a couple of P.G. Woodhouses and now have moved on to the Left hand of God. The only downside is I’m trying to read more indie and self-publish authors but they don’t tend to have audio books. It’s not as good as actual reading but it’s a close second.

If any of you have any good audio book recommendations please let me know!


10 thoughts on “Audio books saved my life!

  1. I have (had) a long commute and loved listening to audio books. I enjoy fantasy books, so I went through the entire library of David Eddings.

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