Be Brave and get more followers


A while ago when I was a baby blogger without many follows, scrabbling around for subjects to write about I had an epiphany, ok then maybe it was just a good idea. I had spent a lot of time reading other blogs. Some of the most interesting and though provoking ones were when the writer bared their soul. Up until this point I had mainly written about my book.

I don’t generally have much of a soul to bear but one of the subjects that makes me uncomfortable talking about is being dyslexic. As I writing exercise I had a go at putting what being dyslexic’s means to me. While writing the article I decided it was going to be just for me I wasn’t going to post it. Once it was finished I was pleased with the result and left it for a week. I went back and edited it. I often leave a good gap between writing and editing. On my first edit I did realised it wasn’t half bad, probably one of the best things I had written up to that point. To be fair there wasn’t a lot of completion. Still I wasn’t going to post it.

I think I had left it another week by then I had run out of ideas for my blog so I went back to this article. After much dithering I thought I would risk it and post it. The response I got was amazing. It has had 263 views and 67 likes but the best bit was the comments. I had more comments I think on this post then any since. Apart from the supportive comments, which is also welcome I got a top tip from Erick which fixed my were/where problem. The post also brought me 5 re-blogs and a lot of new followers.



42 thoughts on “Be Brave and get more followers

  1. I had a friend in school with the same “word blindness” issue. She would edit her writing from the bottom up, read her sentences backwards. Odd thing is, I do this too and I don’t have dyslexia. I don’t know the mechanics of how it works, but it works.

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  2. Hi Eric, first a heads up on the link to this blog post. I get notifications of new posts via email and the link to this post in the email did not work. I got a page saying “Oops, that page can’t be found.” See the link below to see what I got.

    I think the problem has something to do with the scheduling of the post. Did you schedule it rather than publish it straight away?

    Secondly, congratulations on writing a great post about having dyslexia and not allowing it to stop you from writing. I hope you can fix that broken link to the post.

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      1. I had the same problem with an article that came to me via email. It was on your ‘On Getting Up 30 Minutes Early To Write Update’ (so not a workable plan for me). When I tried to click the article I’d get “Page Not Found”. But, it brought me to this post, which is just as good! Sorry, I have no tech savvy to help with the problem. I’m just good at pointing out problems and sitting back and watching other people work to fix them.

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  3. It seems like you hit the perfect topic for your post. I’m still looking for my breakthrough. I’m going to have to go out with a large net or a pack of sheepdogs to round up more followers in my case, I think.

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  4. Congratulations mate, excellent post, you underestimated your ability and it’s great that your followers pointed it out to you by their likes and comments.
    Keep writing, your posts are great reading.

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