Write for 30 minutes a day update


Last week I shared my plan of getting up earlier to write every day. I have to say on the whole it worked. Out of the five days I wrote on four of them so I’m feeling quite chuffed with myself, although I have been very tired in the evenings. It has and one more added benefit; since my eldest son developed a serious medical condition his medication has made it very hard to wake him in the morning. Before the medication he was one of these strange morning people. But I now wake him up 20 minutes earlier than I used too and then leave, him come back at his normal time to get him up and the 20 minute snooze has made it easier for him to get moving.

Now the trick is going to be to sustain getting up early every day once the initial rush of new idea enthusiasm has gone.



17 thoughts on “Write for 30 minutes a day update

  1. Good for you! I’ve never quite understood those strange morning people either…I will get up early if there is a purpose / benefit, but to wake up just because there is faint light in the sky. That’s so wrong.

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