Seeking inspiration


Since I’ve started writing I have discovered I can’t wait for inspiration. I used to imagine writers getting constant eureka moments then rushing off to a computer to run of a book. I have had one or two of those but mostly had to do it the less glamorous way.

Over time when I needed to know where to go with a character, scene, line of dialogue or even one word to describe a feeling I have had to force it out of myself. Another better way to put it is too might I have to find my own inspiration. I have discovered a few tricks for doing this;

Walk the dog.

Play with my wand. Not a euphemism! I have two, my favourite is Dumbledore’s but sometimes I use Snape’s.

Stare out of the window.

Read a random blog post

Write with my Quill (doing that now, well not now but when I was writing this draft).

If I get really stuck I go and play a computer game.

What do you do?


52 thoughts on “Seeking inspiration

  1. Going for a walk is definitely my first course of action when trying to generate a little inspiration. If I ever get stuck at a particular point, usually it’s because something isn’t quite right yet. If it was right, it would flow. So I go back and look at what isn’t quite working. That seems to keep things moving.

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  2. I look through my notebook and see if there’s a random observation about something or other that I haven’t used yet. Nine times out of ten I haven’t used it for a reason (it’s not very good), but occasionally I’ll find something usable.

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  3. I look at or take photos to get inspiration what to write. I also try as hard as possible to write a post when I’ve had a great idea for one. For example, I wrote a post about Downton Abbey last week. I’d watched it the night before and the next morning I just had to write down what I thought about the whole series. It generated quite a lot of comments.

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  4. Inspiration for me is very visual (I’m visually oriented by art). I use the virtual world Second Life as a heavy medium of inspiration for my writing and often explore art sims, take photos, and write to the photos (thus the photos that are often attached to my writing).

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  5. What I do: Walk or ride my bicycle to the beach and watch the Pacific Ocean. Listen to music. Read blogs, books, and the newspaper. Do a crossword puzzle or three. Prep food for a nice, healthy meal. Last but not least, play a computer game for an hour or so, dueling, crafting things, or destroying fortresses in PvP.
    Those are just a few things that inspire me.

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