Sadness and worse in a word or 4

This is poem of a guy I follow. He has a lot of talent but as you can tell from the poem is going through a bad patch. I’m re-blogging this not only because I like his writing but hoping it might give him a boost. If you have 5 minutes spare pop over to his block and say hello.


Unused skills

Disregarded with planning

Pissed off

Disrespected and worse

Thrown under the bus

People I helped

Not seeing I’m right

People ending in hospitals


Awkward and physically hurting

Anxiety about bartending

A moron dealt with

Total disrespect

I am so shot

May never recuperate

I can’t tolerate

Stupidity and ignorance working

Having managed event planning

I’m skilled

Thrown aside




Wanting revenge

Taking two out…

Still anxious


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