International day of the slightly overweight blogger whose boat is broken.


I don’t want to sound miserably or small minded but is it just me or are there to many International days of things? Last year we had at least 10 autism awareness day and three autism awareness mouths. On top of that every diseases, illness and disability has at least one day. According to face book there is now a son, daughter, aunt, granny, grandad and for all know 2nd cousin day. There is probably enough ribbons for different causes that if you brought one of each you could make yourself a new shirt. Although a somewhat strange looking one.

I’m not against raising awareness or money but could someone please come up with another concept? In the meantime if you want to show support for my day please wear a purple ribbon, re-blog and share this in face book. Please sent as much cash in as you can afford, to me, so I can fix my boat and buy more port. Thank you for your support!


16 thoughts on “International day of the slightly overweight blogger whose boat is broken.

  1. I am doing what I can by consuming bottles of wine and saving the corks. Perhaps by the time this fantastic awareness day comes around again I will have enough spare cork to patch up your boat.

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