Have more than one blog and link it?


I had this idea the other day. Would it possible to have blogs with other blogging services that link together. So when you write a post on wordpress it automatically publishes on your other blogs giving you a wider readership. If it couldn’t link you could just cut and paste your posts across. I can’t be the first person to think of this has anyone else tried it?


20 thoughts on “Have more than one blog and link it?

  1. I’m sure this could be done. Have you explored the sharing options? One can share from WordPress to Bloglovin, Tumblr, for example. Copying & pasting would also work, but one would have to be sure that it was HTML otherwise one would/might lose the integrity. Just thinking aloud. Good luck with exploring this…..

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  2. Interesting idea. I know you can link this to your Twitter which I know you are aware of and you can also link this to your Facebook. It is possible elsewhere I bet. The one caution I do offer out is spreading yourself too thin. It is great to expand the readership but to gain and garner that readership you have to reach out and connect with people on the venue, to build said readership. So while a great idea, it can lead to being time consuming at the same time.

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  3. I agree this is a great idea. I’m have my account linked with Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus…but for some odd reason I have no followers on GP and it’s been awhile? IDK just my luck I guess. But at least until better options come along, you can share your new posts in multiple places with just a click of the button!

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