Christmas – I find it so hard to get into.

I know I’m a bit miserable but I can no longer get excited about Christmas. I hate the adverts, the pressure to spend money people don’t have. The disappointment for kids whose parents can only afford clothes as Christmas presents and not the latest consul they been seeing on T.V. since October. I hate the tacky decorations. When I was single I used to buy a 1ft tasteful tree from M&S now I married my wife likes to do the whole thing. I play a delaying game. ‘Let’s wait until they discount the trees.’ ‘I’m sure we will have more time next weekend.’ Are two of my more successful ones. But eventually she will get fed up with my prevaricating and turn our flat into a low class whore house. (not that I have any personal experience of what those look like).
I like giving gifts providing I can get them online. I like receiving gifts I’m easy to buy for any tacky Harry potter merchandise and I’m happy.
My biggest hate is people who decorate the outside of their house. I know you American have a tradition of doing this, I’m fine with that but now we have to sufferer it in the UK. Walking past flashing houses on the way to work makes me want to commit extreme acts of vandalism. I’m not an unreasonable man I’m happy to tolerate a few lights in the window but that’s the limit! If I see one more flashing dancing 10ft Santa ……
The food and drink is great; I’ve already ordered the xmas cheese. Having to see the extended family can be a chore. None of my family read my blog so I can say that safely say that. Not that there is anything wrong with my family it just requires effort an leaving the flat.

Reading back over this post I was hoping to elicit sympathy for my stand but I just sound like a miserable old git. Oh well time for some port and a mince pie.

32 thoughts on “Christmas – I find it so hard to get into.

  1. I basically put up a Christmas tree. This year I may go for more now in revenge for the low class whore house quote! I like the build up to Christmas, including my very own Scrooge 🎄🍾🎁

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  2. And, while I go ho-ho-ho over this… you MUST not hire me as your cheap Santa.. You might be tempted to overlook my atheist status, but I am certainly chortling over this predicament of yours. You see, I do this a dozen times a year, as you said – now that I am married. Drop the i out of it and I am “marred”, for life 😀
    Hey Doofus, you know what to do with a predicament like yours??? Sit those kids down and ask them things like it is a creative school project… Most of us are not even X-ian over here, and yet, I have the most fun with kids here making their cribs and their little dioramas and their wanting my help for thatch huts, grass meadows, rocky terrain gives me an opportunity to atheist-me to show off 😀
    Make it sound like an exciting new school play and you have to make a storyboard to show them, except with models.. trust me, you will love it… trust me.. everyone will love doing this and helping you out..

    On the other hand, dear Mc Scrooge Duck/// Bah@ Humbug… 🙂 and I am with you even then.. hate these commercial Xmas things 😀

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  3. You made me laugh. I am a fan of tasteful and subdued decorations, so of course my siblings gifted me with a 6ft bilingual singing Santa and my dad, one of those light kits that sync to music. Now I am forced to put them out each year because the neighbor kids demand it.

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  4. Christmas has become so commercialized, it can be tough to get excited about it. I refuse to go shopping but Amazon and a few other online retailers probably love me.

    We get into the spirit by involving our children in some basic setup. We get our tree and decorate it, hang a few things on the walls and then my son helps me with the lights. To top it all off, I bought my wife the ‘leg lamp’ from A Christmas Story and that goes up in our front window. That is it.

    For me it is a choice. I choose not to buy into the commercialism and make Christmas into what our family wants/needs it to be.

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  5. Eric, I’d stick with the port and mince pie, too! I did hang a small Christmas wreath on the door, but that’s all! Walking the dog at dark has taken on a whole new light! (Christmas)! We do have fun rating the houses in the neighborhood. There’s usually a frequent “what were they thinking” comment though. Happy Holidays! Chryssa

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  6. Enjoy the food and close your eyes when walking outside 😉 I do love the decorations but I admit, some of them are really over the top.. not here where we live though. You really have to look hard to find places that are decorated on the outside and if they are, it’s not much.

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  7. Yes Christmas can be disheartening if you let it get to you. I try to focus on what’s real…family and friends; seeing the excitement on the faces of children; traditions – decorating the Christmas tree (I collect ornaments on my travels so each year when I unpack them, I think of all the wonderful memories of my travels; I also bake cookies and squares and parcel them up to give as gifts to people who don;t bake. Here in Canada we have opened our doors to Syrian refugees and to see the happy faces of the families when they arrive is heartwarming…this has truly been a Christmas gift to us. We are past Christmas now so I will wish you a joyous New Year and lots of happy surprises!

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