How to stay on top of reading blogs

Sorry if you wanted an answer to this I don’t have one! I always follow anyone who follows me, I also keep a lookout for interesting blogs using links from other blogs, freshly pressed. (Which seems to have mysteriously disappeared this morning.) While writing this I have found a new feature called discover. The point being I now have a lots of blogs to read keeping up with them can be a full time job.

I turned off e-mail alerts after my box got swamped. I use the reader but that way you manage to miss a lot of posts it’s just pot luck if you look at it the right time. I try clicking on any blog that’s like or commented on mine to check for new posts. That’s not fool proof either they might have missed my posts. I’ve now tried working my way through my followers list to look out for anything good I’ve missed.
Once I’ve found the post now you have the problem of time to read them. I try and read a block at the weekend and a few each night when I get home from work. I found sitting on the loo a great time to read a few posts! Watching T.V with a laptop on my lap, if I can get it off the kids.

This seams an awful lot of hard work but I persevere because it’s worth it. Since reading blogs I have learned a huge amount about writing and publishing, which is what I hoped. I have also discovered I quite like poetry, I have seen so many doors from Brighton that it feels like I live there. I have discovered the different pressures and problem in other cultures, something I have never give a lot of thought to before. I have also discovered so excellent self-published books. Probably the best bit I have made contact with an amazing group of people.

It may be hard work but I’m going to keep on reading your blogs.

55 thoughts on “How to stay on top of reading blogs

  1. It really is hard work! Many times, I feel guilty that I’ve only had time to skim, or leave a ‘like’ instead of a comment. I wasn’t aware that the Reader didn’t show all blogs I follow, but that would explain why I missed some. I’ve recently reset my email alerts so that I get notification of those blogs I always read and never want to miss. It helps me keep track somewhat but if it wasn’t for Sunday mornings, I’d never get through them. At least it’s taught me to read faster! 🙂

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  2. A subject that just about every single one of us can relate to and many have written about. There is no one solution and everyone will deal with it in their own way. However, there is some great advice out there providing, that is, we can find the time to read it. Read what you can and never feel guilty about not reading every single post that is published by the authors of the blogs you follow. However, try and visit each one every few weeks, otherwise we start worrying about what has happened to Fred, Susan, Elaine, Eddie…

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  3. Reading for a block of time daily is a great way to work your way (slowly) through your list. Each day, read the most recent post/posts of a set of the blogs you follow. Other than that, all I can think of is getting a personal secretary to read and summarize each blog for you. 😉

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      1. That’s really interesting – I put a few short bits on when I started and someone told me they were more like Facebook posts – and needed to be longer -.that someone was my eldest son – what does he know hey 😂
        Personally it all depends on how much time I have and whether the subject grabs me

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  4. I try to read as much as I can at weekends and evenings, but even then, I know I miss a lot . For those that I do read. I always try to comment, but sometimes just get time to ‘like.’ We are all in the same boat so it helps that we appreciate this fact 🙂

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  5. It isn’t easy, I agree. I too use the WordPress Reader and disable email notifications. I try to read most on Mondays. I try to recognize the avatar from those who follow and frequently comment and update which blogs to follow accordingly. But I frequently drop the ball and especially when swamped with work, I get behind. The WP writing courses are a great way to get to know new bloggers and to keep up as you are all in the Commons. Not sure how and where I found you but I am glad we met online!

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  6. I kept the email alerts for just a few blogs, where I never want to miss a post. Then i scroll my reader while having my morning tea, and when I’m not busy… It helps me read most posts. But its hard work to follow ,read then comment everywhere. I like so you know I’ve read, and comme t if i have the time, or something burning to add!

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  7. It’s a full time job reading blogs. I’ve yet to come up with a short cut other than spending several hours a night catching up in order to keep on top of them, and to avoid missing helpful info and book sales from some of my favs to add to my TBR. 🙂

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  8. See, I try to only follow what I know I can keep up with…. Blogs I know that have enough content that I like that I would legitimately be interested to read on an ongoing basis… and don’t clog up my reader feed. But when I have the time I really like to sit for a few hours and go through freshly pressed (I think discover is their new version of that?) …and I really liked just browsing through tags, but they’ve made that more difficult now. No. I don’t want to follow a certain tag all the time… just browse when I’m in the mood!! 🙂 So now I’ve taken to going from one blog to another looking at comment sections and “blogs I follow lists” to see if anything stands out… which is how I arrived here 😉


  9. This is a problem I’ve been having too. My current approach is to only turn on email notifications for those blogs which I’m most interested in; as well as the ones I’ve been following the longest. But even that list is proving too long. So I try to cycle whose blogs I read each day. If I get an email notification from someone I haven’t “visited” in a while, I’ll prioritize their post over releases from blogs I’ve been to recently. I also have a core group of blogs that I always like to read, because I love their material. I realize this is tantamount to picking favo(u)rites but that’s how it goes.

    And of course I’m always looking for new blogs. I try to use the Reader to find at least one new blog per day.

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  10. Thanks for reading my blog Eric.I tend to pay more attention to blogs that respond with comments and/or likes. And then there is the odd blogger who never responds to my likes/comments but I keep on reading their posts because they are so interesting. Yes, blogging is extremely time consuming but well worth the effort. I was so pleased to be invited by Hugh at http://www.hughsviewsand to be his guest blogger for the month of January. I just met Hugh recently through another blogger. Being a guest blogger is a great way to meet new bloggers and to reach a new audience.

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