Trying to be healthy

I have to face facts I am not a George Clooney look alike. My wife has got over it so have it. I see myself more of a David Mitchell on a bad day. One person did suggest I looked like Timothy Spalding, I have cut that person out of my life.

As much as I try to delude myself I am fat, I drink and eat too much and I don’t exercise. I have finally started to do something about it. My fist plan was to just get rid of all our mirrors but instead I have stopped drinking alcohol on week days (apart from Fridays). I have also cut down takeaways from once a week to once or twice a month. I have now done this for four weeks and I’m not any thinner. I am more miserable. I’ve even tried drinking Ribena out of a wine glass to fool myself, but it didn’t work.

I’m going to have to exercise and I really hate exercise if only I could have a drink to cheer me up ….

38 thoughts on “Trying to be healthy

  1. Cutting out the drinking will have benefits on its own, outside of just losing weight. I would recommend you find an activity you enjoy so it will be less of “forcing yourself” to exercise.

    Baby steps to reinforce good habits.

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  2. That strikes a chord… Since exactly one year now, (more than a year, November) I have been drinking every single day. I stopped my pain meds then and took to drink. It is just an excuse, because neither the meds nor the alcohol work. But at least, I thought, let me be happy 🙂
    But, Eric, here is the thing – I got invited as a consultant/crisis manager to a software company, working from home, worsened my pain, but I completely forgot about drinking. For a while, that is. I was back in bed after that experience, because I always overdo things.. and then when I got back on my feet I was trying to convince myself that I needed the booze to keep me upright. Ha!
    It is when I have no purpose or activity that I go back to drinking. It is not in itself a bad problem, not like I am an alcoholic, but there is nothing else to do and I get frustrated (Alright, alright, I hear an old med student friend telling me.. “Ok, denial is the first sign of alcoholism”, shut up dear friend hehe)
    I hear you about the exercise part too… but then you never knew me when I was still alive.. I used to be a madman, full of energy, 24 hours were never enough for me. Often I used to spend 18 hours at a stretch on my workstation, churning out FX, simulations and 3d work. Project days were insane, three or four days without sleep. Now that I am able to rest, I cannot get over it. So I (tell myself that is why I) drink, to while the time. Once upon a time, drinking was a pleasure – Ballantine’s, Whyte & Mackay, Glenmorangie, Cutty Sark, Black Dog, Johnny Walker and so on.. now, not so much.. because I drink cheaper ones so as to be able to drink more … how sad and useless.

    I do not mean to write a long nonsensical para about myself, but what I am trying to say is: the cure for everything is – success. Write your bloody book already, taste success and you will soon see that nothing of this is ever a problem. Get busy and you will never think about being thinner or drinking less, or anything else. If you have a burning desire to succeed and then if you do, then trust me, all the other things that you are looking for now will just fall in place. Write, my brilliant friend, and stop worrying about all that is happening right now. One life to live, live it to the fullest. As long as you can walk around, as long as you can work, enjoy every moment of your life, like there is no tomorrow. Just don’t get bed-ridden, LOL… if you have the will, the means to sustain it, then yes, you will go a long way. Finish writing 🙂

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  3. If I can make it to the gym on a Saturday… a SATURDAY! you can walk a couple extra flights of stairs.

    Too harsh? Yeah, I get demotivated by that sort of bullery too. Ok, how’s this only drink on days you manage to write 1000 words. Earn that R&R.

    Still not motivated to stick with one good habit this year? Hmmm… you are a special snowflake. We would like to keep hearing from you, so please take care of yourself.

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  4. Hi Eric. Along the lines of the Stacey’s post above there are some very natural, organic and 100% plant based and easy ways to help you! I am based in Dorset and for years worked as a nurse. I don’t know why we in the UK always seem to be the last to discover things but back in May as part of my own research on health, wellness and nutrition I watched this short documentary made by the Discovery Channel To say it transformed my life is an understatement! It has helped 1000’s now. I have now stopped all other work and run a business from home supplying organic Moringa based nutritional support across the globe! If you would like to try it for a week just drop me an email to and I will get some to you.

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