Suffering for my Craft

A lot of great artists have suffered for their craft, Van Gogh being an obvious one. There are many writers that have struggled with depression and various other ailments. In one of my flights of fantasy I picture myself as a great author, yes I know slightly insane I’ve not even finished my book yet […]

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Trying to be positive

Recently I have been feeling quite low, nothing major, just life getting me down. It could be the cold, I don’t like cold, it might be the dark evenings. It could be because I’m cutting back on alcohol. Not wishing to be in the doldrums I came up with a plan to think of one […]

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My blog saved a life!

Like the rest of you I’m a plagued by the odd bit of spam on my blog. I used to get ones telling me I was good but if I only sort out the help of the poster I would be able to increase my followers, for a moderate fee of course. I just ignored […]

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How to make £667 easily!

Sorry the heading is slightly misleading it should read how to save £667 and not necessarily easily either, so in fact it’s a bit of a lie! I came across this on Facebook amongst all the pictures of cats and post about immigration. The idea is you save 1p on the first day then increase […]

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Quality not quantity

Last week I said I would have a go at re-spinning old post so here is the first one. I thought I would start with a short post I wrote 10 months ago; I’ve been reading a lot of blogs by other authors and been stressing about my low word count. The last couple of […]

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Celebrity Grief

I am a little bit nervous about writing this article because I genuinely do not what to offend anyone. I am also the last person to tell you what to do or think, this is my own thoughts over recent days. I was sad to hear of the death of David Bowie, although I wouldn’t […]

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