Do you Have Blogging schedule?


I’ve noticed people do this in a lot of different ways. A few of my favourite bloggers publish 3 or 4 post in one day then nothing for a week. Some post infrequently and one or two like me do it on regular days. I can be slightly OCD about this sort of thing. At first I just randomly posted but then quickly go into a schedule. I did have a conversation with another blogger who aims to post 5 – 10 times a day, which to me sounds insane!

I post on Mondays, Wednesday and Saturdays, I sometimes re-blog on Fridays. I don’t write my posts on the day I post, I often write several in one go then write a schedule when to post them. I’m way too sleepy in the mornings to remember which one I’m supposed to posting. I try to vary my posts so they are not all about the same thing. I usually vary between post about blog, my book writing, book reviews and personal things. I am thinking about looking over some of my old posts and using them again.

So how do you do it?


61 thoughts on “Do you Have Blogging schedule?

  1. I typically post on Tuesday & Thursdays – these posts are the ‘story’ part of the blog. If I have any news or something outside of the fictional world, this tends to go up on a Wednesday. I am pretty strict about my Tuesday & Friday postings but other than that, anything goes. Having a schedule works for me as my readers have come to know when the next installment is due, but there is a lot to be said for randomness in blogging. As in with life!

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  2. My posting is once a day, after the evening meal, although I usually draft randomly during the day. It is effectively a diary, with additions of past events that are triggered in memory. I try to vary it as much as possible. This helps to give me variety in my activities.

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  3. So far, I have been posting everyday about 3-5 times a day. I have some sort of calendar that guides what I write or post for each day except my ad-hoc posts from WordPress Daily Post or invitations from other bloggers to a challenge. Most of the time, I do several days work ahead of time, like early Saturday mornings and lazy Sundays. It keeps me sane to plan ahead but I enjoy the randomness of doing challenges and The WordPress daily post. It makes it less mundane for me.

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  4. I post (as I think you know 😉 ), weekly, on a Monday, mid-afternoon. That was determined by watching my stats. When I started blogging, initially the posts were a bit random. Then I started posting on a Sunday afternoon/evening, but that didn’t get much response. More recently (as in the last week or so), I’ve posted a little more often, but this has been a function of having a break from work, having something to post and deciding to participate in a couple of challenges or writing prompts. I’d like to continue doing this, but I’m not sure how practical it is because I sometimes struggle to post once a week when I have to travel on business and/or am very busy at work. It’s something I plan to work on this year.

    I do have to say that I prefer to follow bloggers that post either regularly or infrequently: I am careful about following bloggers who post frequently because (a) not all their posts interest me and, (b) the reader gets clogged and I miss some of the bloggers I’d rather watch. I’m debating ensuring that I receive an e-mail notification from those bloggers who’s posts I don’t want to miss.

    Oh, and all the best for 2016, Eric!

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  5. I wish I could discipline myself to certain days/times – for me that doesn’t work. Something happens that triggers my memories, thoughts, something funny said that makes me smile, I then build on that – usually when dog walking. I could be 2 days on the trot or a gap of a few days 😊

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  6. My big thing over the last few years has been consistency. I used to go long periods between blogs so a few years ago a buddy and I started a blog challenge. We had to blog at least once a week. We successfully did that for two years and then I decided to up my blogs and try to do it every day for a year. I just successfully finished that this year and now I’m kind of in limbo. I want to continue to blog frequently, but I found blogging everyday felt like the quality was low. My goal this year is to write, but to write with more of a purpose, and also develop my online presence a little more with YouTube. I envy those who can write everyday and write interesting stuff, I had a hard time with that.

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      1. My way won’t help get your blog monetized, but it does help protect me from burnout.

        You have no idea how relieved I am to hear that.. err…um…right, I mean I never doubted it.

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      2. I’ve just finished your book and written a review. I’m not sure when I’m going to post it as I have another one ready for next week. I have written an alternative ending for you, I’ve left it off the review as I wanted that to be sensible. Please forgive the mistakes as it’s off the cuff unedited.

        Juliane felt her whole body slowly becoming numb and then without warning a figure shot through the hole in the roof riding on a broomstick. It was Chad brandishing a wand! His firebolt came to an abrupt halt and without pausing for breath he pointed it at Damien and cried ‘Stupefy!’ he crumpled to the floor. He swung his wand to point at the canister ‘Alohomra!’ the door shot open. He waved it in a complicated pattern. Juliane felt her arms and legs return to normal, before she had a chance to act Chad pulled her on to his broomstick. As they shot through the hole into the open, past the wreckage of the once magnificent building Juliane clung on to Chads body.
        ‘Where are you taking me?’
        ‘To a dragon sanctuary, by the way it’s not Chad my name is really Charlie, Charlie Wealsey.’

        That should please your dragon loving friend too.

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  7. I didn’t have a schedule (or a clue!) when I started. Then I devised a routine of set categories on specific days (3-4 times a week). Now, after a Christmas break, I’ve decided that even that schedule was restricting – feeling I HAD to post to meet the schedule was becoming a chore. So I’m still sticking to at least 1 post a week, sometimes 3 dependant on how I feel / time (I’m not great at writing a chunk in advance). However, there’ll still be some order as Mondays/ Wednesdays will still be linked to their themes (food and photos respectively). I’ve also planned out topics for future posts, hopefully to link in with relevant outside events where possible. We’ll see how long it lasts!


  8. I post nearly every day. Sometimes I will post more than once if I find something that I want to share. The only posts I tend to schedule are the regular ones that I do on a Wednesday and Friday. Other than that I publish as soon as I write it.

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  9. I publish a post as and when I get the idea. I never publish a post just for the sake of doing so. If there are long gaps between posts then I’ll always reblog somebody else’s post or will repost one of my older posts. I rarely schedule posts unless I know I’m going to be away from the computer for a few days.

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  10. Eric, sounds as if you have a great posting schedule. Many comments support varying schedules. It seems posting is linked to the goal of increasing visitors & stats. An important element when marketing books. I’ve slacked off on posting to spend time writing. Maybe it will change when I reach the end pages of the books. Happy New Year & Happy Blogging! Chryssa

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  11. I post instinctively usually on a UK morning as a poetic lines come to me, usually short and try to maybe 2 or 3 times a week, but not hung up about it. I’m not keen on re-blogs there’s always too much new I can hardly keep up with. Basically I have no discipline, but have a sense of time, so think I somehow find a balance that works for me and maybe my readers.

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  12. I keep up with my blog almost the same way that you do. I find that I have more motivation when I have a deadline to get something done. Also I looked at your guest post and it’s awesome. Would you mind if I post it this Friday?

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  13. Well I am blogging every day this month (or at least will give it a good shot) because I am participating in Linda G. Hill’s Just Jot It January challenge. That being said, I usually write around the same time, so my posts are written or scheduled at expected times (typically 12pm, 5pm or 9pm EST).

    I find that my increased consistency lends itself to more interaction with my followers.

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  14. I have three separate blogs. Tea Blog gets one post on Tuesdays, Wine Blog gets one post on Wednesdays, Pizza Blog gets one post on Fridays. Sometimes I write a few days in advance, sometimes the night before, sometimes the morning of. I may have to do more ahead of time. The day of I tend to get the adrenaline going. If my blogs grow I’ll add more to the schedule but my friends and folks on here are getting used to the schedule and are liking it. And the three separate universes, and I sometimes connect them or link them here and there.

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  15. I try to post once a day but I don’t have a set time. It’s either in the morning before work or after my son goes to bed. I’m going to work on becoming more organized. I post on Saturday for sure because I do a weekly interview. I usually post on Sunday too. I’m thinking of posting on certain days from now on. Maybe a post on Saturday, Sunday, another weekday and Friday. I like to reblog too.

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