A strange new hobby

I have developed a strange new hobby, one up to now I have been keeping secrete. It all started when I went to Harry Potter World, when I was busy spending a small fortune in the gift shop my wife found this for me.


When we got home I did a few for fun then I was hooked! I played around with putting seals on my lists. (I have to write lots of lists, I’m thinking of making a list of all my lists.) I shopped around a bit and discovered you can buy lots of different seals with a variety of waxes, I now have this many!


As with all hobbies I had to buy some helpful accessories some of which looks a little bit like drug paraphernalia (not that I would know of course).


The boys even help me and we have learnt to mix waxes and make lots of interesting effects.


I know it a strange hobby and has no real practical use but I find it entertaining and strangely relaxing. Here are some pictures of me and the youngest making a new seal;


Now it’s time to confess has anyone got a stranger hobby?


47 thoughts on “A strange new hobby

  1. I want to play, totally understand why it would be therapeutic! I love wax seals, they always look so pretty and mysterious… Makes me want to write more letters so I have an excuse to use one. I guess you could make some into bookmarks or use them as personalisation on cards etc if you were of a ‘crafty’ mind.

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  2. It takes up a lot less space than my quilting stuff which I always say is about color and pattern. I had a seal and a few colors of wax many years ago when my sister and I had a pen pal hobby. Of course, it’s a little difficult to stamp blog posts. 😉

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      1. Absolutely. If you are going to have a hobby, go all in!

        I do like what you have done with the wax though. There is something so satisfying in melting the wax down, crushing it, and then eventually breaking it apart. Or is that just me?

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  3. I used to have sealing wax in red, never got a variety. I still have the maiden last initial of “O” with my brass seal. I used this in the 60’s through 70’s when I wrote letters to elementary school “pen pals.” I moved on 3rd grade and still have one friend left from this period of time. 🙂
    Since, Eric, we already spoke of one coincidence, I will tell you that 2 of my grandies and I were looking in my special case of tiny collectibles and they held up my brass seal: Yesterday!!
    Smiles, Robin

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  4. I collect corks and fountain pens. One day I will decorate one of my office walls with all those corks and make the biggest bulletin board ever. And then I may write about it with my fountain pens. Or maybe not.

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  5. I can’t agree that yours is a strange hobby, mainly because at one time I shared it. I used to collect the seals taken from the envelopes of original letters too, the personal seals of some well known people. The designs are endless and wonderful. I just about stopped myself having a seal(signet) ring made of my own.
    Good luck with the collection.

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