Re-spinning old post

book painting

This isn’t my idea I got the idea from another blog but unfortunately I can’t remember who, so if this was yours please tell me and I’ll add a link.

I’m going to have a go looking at some of my original post which no-one read and have a go editing and re-posting them. This should be a good exercise seeing if my writing has improved over time but also help with my editing skills. It will also save me coming up with new ideas!

I am, rather bravely, writing this without reading any of aforementioned old posts, when I do I might be so horrified with how bad they are and not resurrect them.

I’m only going to do this once a week at the most so there will still be lots of new content.


21 thoughts on “Re-spinning old post

  1. Eric, I have done this, but somewhat differently. When I’ve linked to previous posts, I’ve also edited and tidied them up. I’ve found typos and also improved them. I’ve not always re-posted them. I think this is a great idea and I have seen that the quality of my posts has (I think, anyway), improved. That’s been a function of both practice and confidence. This last has had to do with an increasing readership (although not huge by some standards), and the feedback that I’ve had that’s encouraged me to carry on.

    Look forward to seeing your earlier posts!

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  2. If you do this, will we be allowed to re-use old comments–updated for the newly edited posts? To make it more interesting, I plan to borrow comments from completely separate blogs to keep it interesting.

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