A review Conor Kelly and the Four treasures of Eirean by Ali Isaac.


This is a story of a disabled boy Conor Kelly who is taken in a mythical realm and tasked with saving them by finding the four lost treasures which are hidden in modern day Ireland. The book jumps from modern times to the mythical past and the fairy world as the story unfolds.
I have to confess I finished this book nearly a month ago, I’m normally a bit quicker writing reviews so I apologies for any inaccuracies.

What I didn’t like;

Well not a lot but I did have a few grumbles;
Some of the characters could have had a little more depth, I like the character of Ruairi but at first he came over as very 2 dimensional I would have like to have seen more sides of him at the beginning.
I like a good baddie I felt we didn’t know enough about Bres, there was lots of backstory for the other character it felt if a part of his story had been removed by accident. As I write this I wonder if I had inadvertently skipped a chapter a missed it, either way something was missing for me.

What I liked;

A lot is the simple answer, it was a very enjoyable book, some highlights without giving any spoilers;
The hero was disabled and didn’t suddenly become able bodied, I loved that part of the book. He’s feelings of helplessness was very touching.
The plot tying in with legends, I’m bit of a history geek and loved that part. I know nothing about Ireland so I don’t know how true to the legends the author was but it was very enjoyable.The depth of some of the characters, I know I just moaned some didn’t have enough but others had bucket loads, Conor and Annalee in particular were very well written.


A very enjoyable book only marred slightly for me by not knowing enough about the villain. I would recommend it and will be reading the others at some point. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars, I might even round it up to 5 for amazon and good reads.

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13 thoughts on “A review Conor Kelly and the Four treasures of Eirean by Ali Isaac.

  1. Thank you so much Eric for reading my book AND reviewing it! I’m glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for your honesty, too. Feedback like that is vital so we can improve, and I hope I have and continue to do so in future writing. Thanks again! 😁

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  2. Cracking review – I agree on the point about Conor not suddenly becoming able bodied too – I sort of spent the whole book hoping he did KNOWING he wouldn’t and that tease really made me cling to the pages. It also made it more realistic AND I love the fact he does get stronger throughout PLUS it made me wonder how he really was going to get the treasures and win in each of those situations and I think she really made each one realistic 😍

    Not sure if I agree about Ruari though, maybe you felt that because he didn’t have much page time? I’m wondering if after the second book you would still feel that way? Who knows its obviously a valid point if you felt that I might have to go back through my notes and check my comments about Ruari

    Cool review 💖

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    1. Thanks. I liked Ruari upto a point, the way his story unfolds is excellent I just would have like a little more depth at the beginning, a hint there was more to him. I’m can be a bit harsh with my reviews it was an excellent book, one I would have been proud to have written.

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