How to make £667 easily!


Sorry the heading is slightly misleading it should read how to save £667 and not necessarily easily either, so in fact it’s a bit of a lie! I came across this on Facebook amongst all the pictures of cats and post about immigration. The idea is you save 1p on the first day then increase it by a 1p per day. So the second day you save 2p, by the hundredth day you put away £1 and so on. The idea is you wouldn’t notice it and then mange to save the aforementioned £667 in a year. I’m all sure you see the floor in this plan. While you might not notice saving a few pence each week you will start noticing when it hits over £10 a week, at least I will.

Despite this both me and the wife are doing it. It’s fun putting your pennies away each day, I’m keeping mine in my cauldron. I suspect after it gets to the heady amounts of £1 a day we might have to combine forces and probably have to stop before the year end. with any luck we will save enough to pay for Christmas as my kids are still refusing to take up shoplifting to get me some nice port, but then kids these days only think of themselves!


19 thoughts on “How to make £667 easily!

  1. We were doing that for awhile. When we would have change in our pockets at the end of the day, it would get dumped into a jar on a shelf. Then one day, the jar was jostled and fell nearly breaking my hubby’s foot. After that we starting using the tellers at the grocery store to turn our change into dollars, but its harder to save that way.

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