(My response to:) The Credit Card Debt Lie

An interesting post close to my heart. I have a lot of credit card debt I built up over the years I am now paying off. I wish I had read this 20 years ago I shudder to think how much I have paid in interest over the years.


It’s safe to say that at some point in time we have once been told don’t get a credit card.I know I have. But in today’s society it seems as though not having a credit card can hold you back from many things like: renting an apartment (you can’t rent without a credit report), renting a car, purchasing a house, signing up for a phone service, getting a job (background checks not only check your criminal record but you credit score as well)… To name a few.

Perhaps, the advice which should have been given is to understand interest rates/APR and how interest rates have the ability to change how much owed when not paid on time. The value of one dollar is precious and mustn’t be used carelessly.

APR(‘Annual Percentage Rate) – APR’ The annual rate that is charged for borrowing (or made by investing), expressed as a…

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