Re-spinning old post

This isn’t my idea I got the idea from another blog but unfortunately I can’t remember who, so if this was yours please tell me and I’ll add a link. I’m going to have a go looking at some of my original post which no-one read and have a go editing and re-posting them. This […]


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A strange new hobby

I have developed a strange new hobby, one up to now I have been keeping secrete. It all started when I went to Harry Potter World, when I was busy spending a small fortune in the gift shop my wife found this for me. When we got home I did a few for fun then […]

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A new year, a new start

Yes, I’m sorry another post about the new year you have probably read 10 already, feel free to skip mine, to be honest it’s not my best work. I generally try to look on the positive side but even I have to admit this hasn’t been the best year. There have been some high points […]

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