My Harry Potter Problem

Just to be clear I’m not saying I have a problem liking Harry Potter, I think we can all agree it’s perfectly normal. My problem is the new book is coming out in July. Yes, it is a book, it might be in play script form but it has writing on pages telling a Harry […]

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Copyrighting your blog

I ought to start by claiming this isn’t intended to be legal advice just sharing what my research has discovered. I have noticed a few blogs with copyright notices although I have no problem with people sharing my blog post I have put up several different snippets of book and although I know it’s not […]

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My bucket list.

Don’t worry I’m not feeling depressed or anything I just thought I would write my bucket list. It might have something do with my birthday last week. So in no particular order; Finish my book! Get my book published Get at least one 5-star review, from somebody I don’t know Visit Athens Visit Rome Live […]

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