My strange dog


I have always thought people who write about their pets are starting on a path that eventually leads to living in secure accommodation with 24-hour care and all sharp objects removed. Sorry Hugh and Tejaswi. However, I was trying to come up with ideas for my blog so I made the mistake of asking my twelve-year-old and he insisted I write about our dog. So here it is my first step into ending up living in the home for distressed bloggers.

We have a collie mix, no idea what he’s mixed with. We got him as a rescue dog from the nice people at the dog’s trust. He wasn’t the dog we were supposed to have. We had been allocated a dog called Elmo but at the last minute they discovered he had physiatric issues and they wanted him to see a physiatrist before re-homing him (I’m not making this up!) So instead we got Spike who is a very odd dog indeed.
He has issues with food, he’s not keen on dog food, well I don’t blame him there. He likes cat food but loves our food. To save us the trouble of offering him our food he just takes it if you turn your back. He is my constant companion in the kitten waiting for me to drop something, which to be fair is a regular occurrence. When we are eating he gets as close as he can, waiting for a lapse in consecration. Should there be any left overs he guards them like the crown jewels, he has even been known to growl at the boys in case they were thinking of taking it. They don’t, if it’s not had the taste processed out of it my kids will not touch it, but that another story.

Most dogs love walking; Spike is no exception apart from he never wants to play when out. We have tempted him with a variety of toys, from tennis balls to Frisbee’s but pointedly ignores them. However, when back in the flat is very keen to play despite the lack of space wants to chase balls and plays tug of war.

And finally there is the cat Kipper, normally when dogs and cats live under the same roof then tend to tolerate and mainly ignore each other, not Spike. Despite four years of open aggression from our cat he stills try to get her to play with him, chasing the poor moggie down the corridor at any available opportunity.

Well there it is, the moral of this post is never ask your kids for ideas.
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13 thoughts on “My strange dog

  1. Eric, this is very strange. I was thinking of writing to you today because this morning I was struck by a few lines in a book I was reading – H is for Hawk by Helen MacDonald. I was wondering if you’d be inspired by the few paragraphs in the book when the author mentions CH White, another author who wrote about his own hawking and falconry experience. Basically to do with Merlyn and Arthur and all that. It struck me that you could possibly try writing something similar or using the same method of fables and myths. I mentally told myself, too, that it was no use and you would simply spend more time thinking that you’d write and never do so 😀 I am sorry but I was a little frustrated that you still had not finished writing. Call me impatient, but I do get cross when I see you not writing and wasting too much time analyzing how you write, what you write and never actually get down to the writing. It makes me cross because in so many ways I am the same 😀 But hang it, you should write.

    But I digress. I am pleasantly surprised to see you mention me in your blog post. My dog steals from the cats too. But I am not writing anything about them any more, it makes me sick to write about them. I will, some day, but it will once more be a sad post, so I just cannot bring myself to go back to that infernal blog. One cat, Robbie, has lost the use of his hindlegs and the prognosis is dire. The other one, the tiny new kitten, who is probably younger than Robbie by a couple of months, is also ill, but he is likely to recover. It breaks my heart, and so I never write about them. Not any more.

    In the meantime, see if you can get a copy of H is for Hawk. I will explain why in a mail later. If you can’t let me know, you can borrow it from me in ebook form. You will probably not like it very much, but I want you to read it for a reason and it is a pretty good reason. Sorry, this comment is becoming a post in itself. Talk to you later. Thanks for the mention 🙂

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    1. H for Hawk, I’ll add it to my list. I was slightly worried about mentioning you as I guessed that was why you had stopped writing that blog and didn’t want to bring up painful memories.

      I have slowed down with my book for a very good reason I am now learning to be an editor for reasons which I don’t want to mention here, send me an e-mail! I have limited free time so writing the book is having to wait but I am keeping up with the blog.
      You should think about starting a new blog I enjoy your stories of India.

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  2. I would rather have ‘dog crazy’ friends than any other crazies!
    Dogs (pets in general) offer endless post material, IMO. The posts usual even write themselves with just a photo of the dog dragging its butt on the carpet! 😂


  3. Well at least it’s the dog chasing the ball and playing tug of war and not your good self as that’s the point I think you need to worry. I love crazy pets – that’s what life’s all about… they warm the soul 🙂

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  4. Could be worse. Mine want me to write about an invisible firefighting dinosaur, which is such an awesome idea that I know I’d only ruin it with my feeble attempt to write something matching its greatness.

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